0.11.0 Treasures of Siam FREE Random Daily Bundle

0.11.0 Treasures of Siam FREE Random Daily Bundle

Starting with Update 0.11.0 - you can obtain free one of each possible random bundle variants every 24 hours


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0.11.0 Treasures of Siam
Free random bundles
The Armory will offer free random bundles—Treasures of Siam. Within them, you'll find Pan-Asian Tokens, Doubloons, 1 day of Warships Premium Account, and other rewards.

You can obtain only one bundle per day. A total of 12 bundles will be available, so you can skip more than 2 weeks and still be able to collect all the rewards.

Possible random bundle variants
2 x 250 Pan-Asian Tokens
1 x 500 Pan-Asian Tokens
1 x 50 Doubloons
1 x 1 Day of Warships Premium Account
2 x Lunar Warrior
2 x Signals of Brunei
2 x Signals of Singapore
1 x 50,000 Credits

What is a recurring random bundle?
Daily, at 03:00, 1 out of 8 possible variants will drop randomly.
A new recurring random bundle will become available only if the previous bundle has been obtained. 
Recurring random bundles can be obtained within 27 days (until 16/02/2022).
Obtaining 12 bundles guarantees your receipt of all the indicated in-game items.

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