Save the Children πŸŽ… Christmas Holiday Charity Stream and Sale πŸŽ„ 2021

Save the Children πŸŽ… Christmas Holiday Charity Stream and Sale πŸŽ„ 2021

Join WG this holiday season as the team finish the year with a 24-hour livestreaming extravaganza, where you can get two guaranteed Santa’s Gift containers and enjoy exciting guests while having a boatload of fun, all in the name of a great cause. Alongside the stream, WG will make a special charity bundle available in the Premium Shop, and all proceeds from this will be donated to charity.
WG are proud to announce that we will once again be supporting the international charity (Save the Children) in its noble fight to protect children and provide them with the healthcare and education needed to lead a dignified and fulfilling life.

WG Twitch Holiday Charity Stream [UTC]
 WG Twitch Holiday Charity Stream Starts  WG Twitch Holiday Charity Stream Ends

The holiday charity drive kicks off with an epic 24-hour livestream that will see World of Warships staff from around the world popping in to play some games and have some fun with our viewers and special guests.
What to expect
  • Charity auctions with rare ships and unique merchandise
  • Interactive games and quizzes
  • Twitch plays World of Warships
  • Staff challenges
  • Painting
Donation rewards
During the stream, you will be able to make direct donations to the Save the Children Fund by clicking on the "Donate to Support" image below. Possible rewards for taking part include rare in-game items, live-painted masterpieces by MrConway & Crysantos, and an autographed photograph of Dasha, among many other desirable items.

Any donations made through this link during the 24 hours of the stream will be matched by World of Warships.
Twitch Drops
For those of you with linked Twitch and Wargaming accounts (you can learn how to do that (Here) , you will be able to earn three special Twitch Drops that can bring you up to 2x Santa’s Gift containers and 9x New Year Sky camouflages!

EU Team – Live from Prague 17:00 – 23:00 UTC
NA Team – Live from Austin, Texas 23:00 – 06:00 UTC
ASIA Team – Live from Tokyo 06:00 – 09:00 UTC
CIS Team – Live from St. Petersburg 09:00 – 12:00 UTC
EU Team – Live from Prague 12:00 – 17:00 UTC

Charity Bundle

From the day the stream begins until the next day, a special Save the Children Charity Bundle will find its way into the World of Warships Premium Shop. Regional Links below.

It includes rare in-game symbols of charity along with some expendable camouflages. 100% of the money spent on purchases of this bundle will be donated to The Save the Children Fund and, moreover, World of Warships will match the total amount of donations with an equal amount.
Important: If you miss the stream, there will be a second bundle with identical contents available for an additional week. While the full purchase price of this bundle will still be donated, World of Warships will not match these donations.

WG Save the Children Charity Sale [UTC]
 Save the Children Charity Sale Starts  Save the Children Charity Sale Ends

The Save the Children Charity Bundle includes:
  • “A Good Cause” patch
  • “A Good Cause” flag
  • 6x Red Soul camouflages
  • 6x Brilliant Ray camouflages
  • 6x Crimson Tear camouflages
  • 6x Tokyo Game Show camouflages
The Save the Children Charity Bundle available during the stream can be purchased no more than two times per game account. The latecomers’ bundle available throughout the following week can only be purchased once.

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