Story of Barham: 2 x Simple Combat Missions gives 20 Signals

HMS Barham

Story of Barham: 2 x Simple Combat Missions gives 20 Signals - Details, Dates and Times

The Queen Elizabeth-class battleship was launched at the beginning of World War I and distinguished herself in the Battle of Jutland. During World War II, the ship participated in the Battle of Cape Matapan. On November 25, 1941, she was sunk by German submarine U-331 under the command of Baron Tiesenhausen, an outstanding submarine officer.

Story of Barham Missions [UTC]
 Story of Barham Missions Ends

Together with the lead battleship of the Queen Elizabeth series and other ships, Barham was in the Mediterranean to assist cruisers in their hunt for Italian convoys when she was struck by three out of four torpedoes launched by the German submarine. Four minutes after the ship was torpedoed, her magazine exploded and she sank.
The sinking of the battleship was a major success for the Kriegsmarine submarine forces and a heavy blow to the British Admiralty. We invite you to honour the memory of the ship's crew by completing a special chain of combat missions.

Battle of Barham Missions
To complete the combat mission chain, you need to deal damage and earn "Torpedo hits," "Incapacitations," and "Destroyed" ribbons playing Tier V–X ships in Random, Ranked, and Co-op Battles, as well as in Arms Race and Operations. As a reward, you will receive up to 20 signals of different types.

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