Random Mechanics and Drop Rates - WG Answers Your Questions

Random Mechanics and Drop Rates - WG Answers Your Questions

Recently we told about the rates of items dropping from containers. Today, we would like to reply to the questions you asked the most frequently.

(Q) You promised adding a requirement to prove that the person has reached 18 y.o. before purchasing a container. What is the procedure to prove the age while purchasing items?

(A) There will be a special checkbox added to the purchasing form by clicking which the user will be obliged to prove the age.

(Q) Will the complete rates of each ship's dropping from the NY containers be disclosed?

(A) Yes, we will tell the ultimate list of ships along with their complete dropping rates from the NY containers. All details will be provided in a special article.

(Q) Applicable to the Supercontainer case, are the mechanics you described relate to obtaining a Supercontainer itself, or to its opening?

(A) The Supercontainer obtaining, and its content - are completely independent mechanics. Opening daily containers, you have some chance to get the Supercontainer; the chance is better, choosing the Try Your Luck containers. For all of that, there is a dedicated mechanics of the counter for a guaranteed drop - obtained some amount of daily containers, you will get the Supercontainer guaranteed. Moreover, choosing the Try Your Luck containers reduces the value of that counter.

When it comes to Supercontainer opening, there are standard in-game mechanics engage which function, taking into account both probabilities, and the counter for a guaranteed drop.

All details on the Supercontainers functioning along with other containers' that present in the game, we plan disclosing before the end of Spring 2022.

(Q) How can we be sure that the data you share is true?

(A) We work under strict compliance with law, and we are true with our players. Therefore, any attempts of real rates hiding, or mechanics descriptions distorting in our materials match poorly these principles. Of course, in our track record, there were the cases when we made mistakes in descriptions of selling goods. Every single time when these occurred we admitted and corrected them, compensating concerned players for their inconvenience.

For sure, the probabilities may be checked using big numbers, or just having collected statistics from many players. This is worth to remember how both statistics, and the probabilities allocating applied to big numbers work. For explaining that better, we would like to quote our previous message:

It is important to understand an expected value and how it works. A probability does not guarantee that opening a specific number of containers will give you the desired reward. For example, the probability to get a specific reward set to 10% does not mean that you're guaranteed to get it if you open enough containers. Statistics and probabilities best reflect the situation for a large number of events (in this example, the event is opening one container). The bigger the number of said events is, the closer the result will be to the expected value. For example, tossing a coin 10 times won't necessarily lead to 5 tails and 5 heads even though the probability is 50% for each of them. But if there would be many thousands of coin tosses, then the share of different sides will be close to 50%.

(Q) Is there the counter for a guaranteed drop included in the already issued containers?

(A) Yes, the counter is added to almost all containers in game. For many of them, we still use test adjustments. We plan finalizing all containers' adjustments, and revealing gradually all values of items dropping before the end of Spring 2022.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope that this information would fill the gaps remained after our previous announce.

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