Combat Missions: Win German Containers - New Challenges


Combat Missions: Win German Containers - New Challenges

Complete a combat mission chain each week to earn event containers. You can look forward to a total of four such chains.

German Battleships Containers

Obtain up to five German Battleships containers by earning XP with all modifiers applied and Base XP in victorious battles, as well as earning "Main battery hits," "Secondary battery hits," "Captured," "Defended," and "Assisted in capture" ribbons.

Victorious Battles German Battleships Containers [UTC]
 Victorious Battles German Battleships Containers Starts  Victorious Battles German Battleships Containers Ends

You can complete the combat mission chain playing Tier V–X ships in Random, Ranked, and Co-op Battles, as well as in Brawls.{alertInfo}

Rental Submarines

Keep completing sequential combat missions to receive rental submarines. 
You'll need to earn Base XP playing 
Tier V–X 
VI U-69
VI Cachalot
Tier VI–X
VIII U-190
VIII Salmon
X U-2501
X Balao
ships in Ranked, Random, and Co-op Battles. Submarines are credited without Commanders.

Resetting Commander Skills

Due to the change in the way submarines are distributed, you can reset Commander skills and demount upgrades free of charge.
You can reset Commander skills and demount upgrades free of charge until: 

Reset of All Commander Skills
 Reset of All Commander Skills [UTC] Ends

Personal Challenges

Keep progressing through Personal Challenges to earn German Tokens. You can exchange these for Early Access ships and other rewards in the Armory. You can learn more about Personal Challenges here.

Each mission you complete will reward you with  15 German Tokens and 50 Coal Coal. It's possible to earn up to  510 German Tokens each week. After reaching the weekly limit, each completed task will bring only 50 Coal Coal.{alertSuccess}

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