U-2501 - German Tier X Submarine 1944

icon U-2501 German Tier X Submarine 1944

A class of World War II (Type XXI) boats which had a profound influence on the development of post-war submarines. They were designed to operate submerged for as long as possible. All torpedo tubes on these boats were placed at the bow.

ST 0.10.7 Changes August 11, 2021
Temporarily released for Ranked and Co op{alertInfo}

Key Features for German Submarines:
> Short-range torpedoes.
> Large number of loaders, which provides for high damage per minute.
> Access to the Hydrophone consumable with a longer action range and time.
> Access to the Reserve Battery Unit consumable, which temporarily stops dive capacity depletion.
German submarines are a good choice for a risky style of combat at close to medium ranges. You can deal high damage by unleashing a full torpedo salvo, then deliver another painful punch after a relatively short time. After an attack, these submarines can sneak away from enemy radar and lurk around at their maximum depth for a long time.{alertInfo}

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 Ship name   X U-2501
 Tier  X (10)
 Paper ship?  No
 Class  Type XXI Submarine
 Status during tests  Special ship
 Ship release  0.10.7 Ranked battles season 4 and Co op
 Resource Purchase  shipxpXP?  Credits?
 Propulsion  4 000 hp
 Development status  Released for Ranked season 4 and Co op.

 Overall plating  16~25 mm
 Light hull  19 mm
 Light hull deck  16 mm
 Pressure hull  25 mm
 Torpedo protection (Damage reduction)  N/A
 Tonnage  2 100 t
 Hit points  13 400

 Type  Typ 10 Mod. A
 Reload  8.3 s
 highlighted sector ping duration x1  25 s
 highlighted sector ping duration x2  25 s
 Ping velocity above water  500 m/s
 Ping velocity submerged  500 m/s
 Ping width above water  15 m
 Ping width submerged  15 m
 Range  11 km

 Bow/Stern/Type  Bow 3 x 2 533 mm G7e/T4
 Reload  85 s
 Number of loaders Fore  x6
 Range  11 km
 Speed  82 kts
 Visibility Distance  2.2 km
 Reaction Time  ~10.31 s
 Damage  7700

 Dive capacity fully charged  470 units
 Dive capacity depletion  1 unit per/second
 Dive capacity depletion when spotted  2 units per/second
 Dive capacity submerged recharge rate  0.3 unit per/second

 Max speed  26 knots
 Turning circle radius  540 m
 Rudder shift time  6.8 s

 Max speed  31 knots
 Diving plane shift time  18.4 s
 Max dive and ascent speed  3.4 m/s

 Detectability range by sea  5.7 km
 Detectability from enemy subs  0-5.7 km
 Detectability range by air  2.1 km

 Slot 1: Damage control party
 Action time  5 s
 Reload time  40 s
 Slot 2: Hydrophone
 Charges  3
 Detection of ships  7 km
 Detection of submarines  7 km
 Interval between pings  15 s
 Action time  60 s
 Reload time  90 s
 Slot 3: Reserve battery unit
 Charges  2
 Action time  30 s
 Reload time  90 s

All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing.{alertSuccess}

Please note! that all information in this post is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published stated as FINAL on our WGB website.{alertError}

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