Ships Giveaways - REDDIT100K - Finished


Ships Giveaways - REDDIT100K - Join Twitch channels, Statsbloke, BoggzyTime, Greifer, Killerbin, Painezor, Lord_Zath for a chance to win.

We are giving away several ships as a part of our 100k celebration, there are streamers who have partnered with us to do these giveaways. Also, this thread is a discussion thread for anything other than the current drama.

As part of our 100k member celebration, in addition to the code REDDIT100K we have some ships to give away! So in addition to having some giveaways on the sub, we have partnered with several streamers this upcoming weekend to give them away! These are streamers that are either active on the sub or members of our subreddit content team. They are extremely helpful personalities, great sources of information and very involved in community events and we are pleased that they have agreed to be a part of this!

The stream schedule, links to their twitch channels, and the time and ship for their respective giveaways are as follows:

Friday, August 20th:

StatsBloke : VIII Bayard giveaway 2000-2100 UTC (2100-2200 BST) (1600-1700 EDT)

BoggzyTime: VII Florida 1900-0100 (Saturday) UTC (2000-0200 BST) (1500-2100 EDT) > Finished

Saturday, August 21st:

Greifer: VIII Cossack 0600-1100 UTC (0700-1200BST) (0200-0700 EDT)

Killerbin: VIII Roma 1230-1615 UTC (1330-1715 BST) (0830-1215 EDT) > Finished

Sunday, August 22nd:

Painezor : VII Leningrad 1300-1800 UTC (1400-1900BST) (0900-1400 EDT)

Lord_Zath: VII Scharnhorst 1700-2300 UTC (1800-0000 BST) (1300-1900 EDT) > Finished

Have fun!πŸ˜€

πŸ˜ƒThank you for your comment, it will be added asap.✅

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