0.10.7: Changes to Missouri Event - Missouri new Purchase Option

0.10.7: Changes to Missouri Event - Missouri new Purchase Option

WG will be making changes in the upcoming event with Missouri.
Based on your feedback, WG are going to add an alternative way of obtaining Missouri in 0.10.7.

A special temporary web-based campaign, dedicated to the end of World War II, I think it is called "Return of Missouri" (I could be wrong ๐Ÿ˜), and it will be available from August 27. It’s a unique event with new mechanics: you'll have the chance to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the greatest naval battles and choose your own path through the Pacific theatre of World War II.

WG said they had this portal campaign planned without Missouri, but based on your feedback and her special connection to the end of the war, WG now think this would be a great thematic fit to offer an alternative way of obtaining her.

So, after completing the campaign, you will be able to purchase Missouri directly in the Premium shop at the same price as other Tier IX Premium ships.

Completing the combat mission chains of the web campaign will reward you with tokensPacific Tokens, commemorative flags of the key naval battles of World War II, a unique patch with Missouri's motto, special signals, themed camouflage, and other rewards.

The number of Pacific Tokens you can get for free for completion of the campaign will be sufficient to get either a 12-skill-point Commander of any of eight nations or a Premium Ship II-IV container from sequentially available bundles that also hold other rewards.

At different stages of the campaign, you will have to make choices that determine the conditions of the combat mission chains that you receive, sometimes their difficulty, the location of the battles, and even the side you will fight for. The campaign will start on August 27 and every 2 days, a new campaign stage will be unlocked. Overall the campaign will contain 7 stages and the last one will be available for completion starting from September 8. The campaign will be available until September 15.

All missions of the campaign can be finished in cooperative, random, and ranked battle modes and require USA and IJN ships from tier IV and higher. The campaign concentrates on its historical narrative, rather than challenging gameplay. You should be able to complete it with approximately 60 battles, especially considering the possibility to complete missions in co-op.

The next point that WG want to address is Missouri's earnings for pre 0.10.7 release owners. After analysing Missouri's earnings over the past few days, WG have seen a need to increase the bonus from the special mission from 17% to 20%. The change was already implemented today at 10:30 UTC on all servers. This is just an initial correction, for more accurate adjustments, if they will be needed, WG will need to collect more data in the current version to be totally sure that her earnings in 0.10.7 will be the same - or higher. WG have said they will continue to monitor the situation and will increase the bonus if needed to achieve the required numbers. WG states that they will update you on this topic in a few weeks and share some of the underlying data on our devblog.

๐Ÿ˜ƒThank you for your comment, it will be added asap.✅

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