Win USS Constellation Admirals Pack worth 24,950 Doubloons

Win USS Constellation Admirals Pack worth 24,950 Doubloons

Constellation is a battleship that was originally laid down as a Lexington-class battlecruiser in 1920. However, she was never commissioned and remained in an unfinished state due to the imposition of restrictions set out by the Washington Naval Treaty. Her main battery comprises eight accurate 406 mm guns housed in four turrets. While VIII Constellation cannot boast of having the strongest armor, she is equipped with the Surveillance Radar consumable—an unusual feature for ships of her type—as well as two triple-tube torpedo launchers with torpedoes that have a decent range and strong damage characteristics.

American FlagPremium Battleship USS Constellation American Tier VIII Battlecruiser 1919 (Ship Full Details)

If deemed necessary, balance changes may be applied to VIII Constellation.{alertInfo}

Captains who provide the correct answer to a question from the new Armada episode dedicated to VIII Constellation will be entered into a prize draw to win an Admiral Pack that features this ship! Follow the news and subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure that you don't miss this episode.

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