A New Stage of Submarine Testing Starts Today (Installation Guide)

submarine test

A New Stage of Submarine Testing Starts Today (Installation Guide)

Submarines have come a long way: they were announced in the summer of 2019; went through three testing phases; lived as the Submarine Battles temporary mode on the main server; and then tested again on a separate server in October 2020.

During this time, we've gathered a lot of feedback and statistics. We used it to make some changes for a new beta test:
  • Updated diving controls, torpedo settings, and sonar ping mechanics
  • Added skills and upgrades
  • Replaced the battery charge with dive capacity
  • Made many other improvements
WG urge you to participate in a new test stage, try both Tier VI submarines and Tier X as well.{alertSuccess}

How to Participate
You can install the client right now. Your live server account details will be used to enter the test. All players are welcome to join the test.
Test client installation
    1. In Wargaming Game Center, navigate to the World of Warships tab.
    2. Open the "Game Settings" menu and select "Install additional game instance."
    1. Select World of Warships TST in the upper-left corner of the screen that appears and start the installation process by selecting the installation folder.
Testing Period and Conditions

Submarine Testing on TST [UTC]
 Testing Starts  Testing Ends

Prime Times:
> 13:00 to 20:00 UTC
> 01:00 to 04:00 UTC

The server will be available during the Prime Time only. This way, we can get the maximum number of real players together at one time to reduce the number of bots in battles.

Only Random Battles will be available, playing Tier VI and X ships. If necessary, team line-ups can be completed with bots. This will reduce the time spent in queues for battles if there aren't enough players on the server to match a real-players-only battle.

When testing starts, all Tier VI researchable ships and a container will be credited to your account that has a certain chance of dropping one random Tier VI submarine. If you don't receive a submarine, earn 4000 base xp Base XP to obtain two Tier VI submarines.

The Tier VI ships will be removed: Sat. 12 Jun. 13:00 UTC.{alertInfo}

When the Tier VI ships are removed, all Tier X researchable ships and a container will be credited to your account that has a certain chance of dropping one random Tier X submarine. You're guaranteed to obtain Tier X submarines by completing a combat mission chain:
  • Task #1: Earn 4000 base xp Base XP.
    Reward: one (1) container that has a certain chance of dropping one random Tier X submarine.
  • Task #2: Earn 4000 base xp Base XP.
    Reward: two (2) Tier X submarines.
A combat mission is available for each ship type, except submarines: earn 8000 base xp Base XP.
Reward: three special signals of each type on the live server. In total, you can receive up to 96 signals.

Only Russian and English languages are available on the test server.{alertInfo}

Changes Since Autumn of 2020
In the previous test stages, submarines had a gameplay similar to that of torpedo destroyers. To create a unique gameplay for a new unit type, we've changed the main objective of submarines. Now, the underwater hunters will spend a significant portion of battle fighting against ship types that are equipped to oppose them—destroyers and cruisers.
Below, you can find a list of changes that might interest you if you followed the submarine development or participated in previous tests. Read on to learn how to play submarines and how to oppose them!

Major Changes
Dive Capacity
Submarines are very complex machines in real life. When adding them to World of Warships, we consider the fact that they are limited in their actions under water. To better reflect this in the game, we’ve introduced a parameter that takes different systems and resources of a submarine into account—dive capacity. It will replace the battery charge.
The dive capacity has a limited action time—approximately 10 minutes per battle depending on the nation and tier of submarine. This parameter doesn't get restored in battle. An average battle lasts around 15 minutes. If a submarine is active under water, it will have to surface by the end of a battle. If a submarine is discovered under water or at the periscope level, its dive capacity runs out more quickly. This way, ships equipped with Hydroacoustic Search or Surveillance Radar can impact submarine operations without even damaging them.
This change will give other ships the ability to counter submarines even without anti-submarine weapons.

Depth, concealment, and viewing controls
We've combined several mechanics that we had tested before. Now, the submergence depth is not specified in meters, but can be selected from several levels using C and F keys. Apart from that, we've brought back the periscope depth. It allows you to move stealthily at the standard speed but depletes the dive capacity. Moreover, you no longer need consumables to dive to the maximum depth.
A submarine's Detectability Range decreases as she dives deeper in a linear fashion. This will help us avoid situations when a sub dives and instantly disappears from the enemy's viewing range.
It became easier and more convenient to control diving and surfacing, while different submergence levels will have different effects on gameplay.

Torpedoes and sonar pings
Submarines' weapons will become more effective against manoeuvrable targets and less effective against ships with powerful anti-torpedo defences:
  • Torpedoes now deal less damage but have an increased chance of critically damaging modules.
  • Torpedoes don't ignore anti-torpedo defences when the effect of two sonar pings is active.
  • Launching a sonar ping became more convenient and obvious. When aiming a sonar ping, the camera follows the target automatically, just like in the firing mode.
  • Emitting sonar pings increases a submarine's visibility.
  • Torpedo aiming at the targets highlighted by sonar pings has been improved.
  • Now, sonar pings highlight both sides of the ship they hit, and torpedoes continue to follow the target even if it turns the side on which the pings landed away.
  • The captain of the ship highlighted by a sonar ping sees the direction from which a submarine attacks them, similar to the Radio Location skill.
  • Damage Control Party removes the sonar ping effect.
Surface ships now have new ways of affecting submarine operations due to their limited dive capacity that starts to deplete more quickly once they are discovered under water. For this reason, we have removed the Hydrophone from the game.

Other Changes
  • We've added upgrades, Commander skills, and new consumables for submarines. You can view them in the game client. When submarines are added to the main server, you'll be able to reset Commander skills for free.
  • A part of existing skills for destroyers, cruisers, and battleships will receive additional effects to counter submarines.
  • Submarines' secondary batteries fire semi-armor-piercing shells.
  • We've updated ribbons, achievements, mission requirements, upgrades and consumables functioning, and settings for maps and modes.
  • We've updated the underwater world for most maps—the seabed relief and underwater parts of islands. This will help you to take your bearings in battle better.
  • We've also fixed many errors, enhanced the game client stability, updated effects, and made a multitude of other technical improvements.

Playing Submarines
Submarines are fragile and cautious hunters. Their diving depth affects their detectability, viewing range, and interaction possibilities with other submarines and ships. Manoeuvre, change your diving depth, hide from your enemies, and surprise them with stealth attacks.
Submarines have a small HP pool, so stick to the flanks and attack your opponents while submerged. Change position often, try to enlist the support of your teammates, and dive deeper in of immediate danger.
The main targets for submarines at the beginning and middle of a battle are cruisers and destroyers. These ship types keep submarines in check and keep them from breaking through to sluggish battleships.

Submarine Controls
  • The W, A, S, and D keys control horizontal movement.
  • Press F to ascend.
  • Press C to dive.
  • 1—sonar pings.
  • 2—torpedoes.
  • T—a consumable that emits a wave from the underwater hydrophone. It highlights the underwater topography and displays ships, including those that are located beyond the underwater visibility distance.

Surfaced and Submerged Submarines
Submarines have four submergence levels: surface, periscope depth, operating depth, and maximum depth.
The time that submarines can spend under water per battle is limited by their dive capacity. It can last up to 10 minutes depending on the submarine. If a submarine is discovered at the periscope depth or under water, the dive capacity is consumed more quickly.

When you run out of dive capacity, a submarine will have to surface and won't be able to dive until the end of this battle.
Shells, ship and aerial torpedoes, bombs, and rockets are dangerous for submarines that are on the surface or at the periscope depth.
The deeper submarines dive, the lower their detectability is. Moreover, submerged submarines have lower speed and enemy ships are less visible to them.

Each submergence level needs to be used in a specific situation, considering its penalties and bonuses.
  • The surface level is the riskiest, but you don't spend any dive capacity at it. Capturing Key Areas is only possible in this position.
  • At the periscope depth, submarines can move at the full speed and become less visible. Descend to this level to assume an attack position quickly and without being noticed.
  • At the operating depth, submarines have much lower visibility, but the enemy ships are also harder to detect. This position is the best to attack a target that you have already discovered.
  • In case of immediate danger, dive to the maximum depth—your submarine can't be detected by other ships. This comes at a price—at this level your sub can detect only other submarines at operating and maximum depth that are within your guaranteed acquisition radius.
Acoustic Homing Torpedoes
The main armament carried by submarines is acoustic homing torpedoes. The sonar pings mechanic will help you increase the potential effectiveness of your torpedo salvos. By hitting an enemy ship with a sonar ping you activate acoustic homing on this ship. Torpedoes can ascend from the depths and hit an enemy only with the help of an active effect from a sonar ping.

  • You can launch torpedoes and sonar pings from any depth. When under water, you can launch sonar pings in any direction—even at targets above or below your submarines.
  • Aim for an enemy ship, take a lead on the target, and click the left mouse button.
  • Sonar pings travel much faster at the operating depth. This helps you hit manoeuvrable targets.
  • Upon hitting a target, part of the hull will be highlighted. The size of the highlighted part depends on the ping's width. Torpedoes will home in on it. The pinged part of the target ship will also be highlighted for the player controlling that ship. Moreover, they will see an indicator showing the approximate direction, from which the ping was launched.
  • A repeat hit to the highlighted part of the hull will make your torpedoes ascend to the optimum depth and deal more damage.
  • The effect of a successful ping hit remains active for up to 35 seconds, depending on the exact submarine. Hitting the highlighted part of a ship with another sonar ping will reset its action time.
  • If a sonar ping hits part of a ship that isn't highlighted, the spot from the previous sonar ping will relocate to the new area and the active effect will continue working. The effect timer won't be updated if the target was under the effect of two sonar ping hits at the same area.

If you attack a ship from afar, keep emitting sonar pings to maintain their effect while your torpedoes are traveling to their target. Remember that guiding your torpedo to its target with the help of sonar pings doesn't guarantee a hit.
  • They lose speed when turning and can’t catch up to a ship that's actively manoeuvring.
  • The target knows the approximate direction from which torpedoes approach it.

  • Upon approaching the target to a certain distance, torpedo homing gets disabled, and it will travel straight ahead. If the enemy changes speed or course during this time, your torpedo might miss it.
Launching a sonar ping makes your submarine more visible, consider it if the enemy is nearby.

Playing Against Submarines
Many destroyers and some light cruisers carry depth charges that are capable to hit submarines lurking in the depth. Approach the approximate location of the submarine and release your depth charges using the G key.

Some battleships and heavy cruisers can call anti-submarine defence aircraft. You can choose that armament type by pressing 4. The camera rises and the reticle allows you to select an area within a 10 km radius from the ship. Aircraft will arrive and drop depth charges in this area shortly after selecting it.

In addition to depth charges and anti-submarine defence aircraft, high-explosive shells, Surveillance Radar and Hydroacoustic Search will come in handy when fighting against submarines.
  • A submarine on the surface can be hit with shells, ship- and airborne torpedoes, bombs, and rockets, as well as by ramming.
  • High-explosive shells are the most effective shell type to deploy against submarines. They can inflict damage to a submarine even when they don't directly strike one. Falling in a sub's vicinity is enough, thanks to the shell's fragmentation damage area.
  • Depth charges and anti-submarine defence aircraft have several charges that are restored in sequence. This armament can be activated several times in a row.
  • If your ship is hit by sonar ping, the hit part will be highlighted and an indicator will show the direction from which it was launched. This will help you define the location of the submarine that attacks you. Change course constantly to make it more difficult for the enemy to hit you.
  • If you're hit by a sonar ping, you can remove its effect by using the Damage Control Party consumable.
  • Submarine torpedoes have a high probability of damaging ship modules—keep your Damage Control Party at hand.
  • Surveillance Radar detects submarines at the periscope depth; Hydroacoustic Search detects them at the maximum depth. Detection will increase the rate at which the submarine depletes its dive capacity.
  • A submarine can spend only a limited time under water in a battle—it will have to surface sooner or later. If you can detect a submerged submarine, it will consume its dive capacity faster.
Take part in the test and evaluate the submarine improvements for yourself!

Please note that all information is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.{alertError}

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