Elbing - German Tier X Destroyer 1940

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german flagdestroyer icon Elbing - German Tier X Destroyer 1940 (Update 13.0 Unique Upgrade)

Type 1938 served as the basis for the scout cruiser project ("Spähkreuzer" in German). The ship grew bigger in size and received more powerful armament, allowing it to stand in line with the German cruisers of the interwar period. It was assumed that the scout cruiser would be able to escape from a superior ship and prevail over a weak enemy. In 1941, three cruisers of this class were ordered, but the following year, their construction was suspended.
Automated Gun and Fuel Systems
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Slot 6
> Main battery reload time: -6%.
> Maximum ship speed while the Engine Boost consumable is active: +12%.
> Main battery traverse speed: +100%.
Alters the ship's tactical role, boosting maneuverability and enabling swift target switching.
The Unique Upgrade is designed to give her more speed and a better ability to use her guns in open water in exchange for a longer reload time compared to the Main Battery Modification 3 option in the same slot.
Cost: 5,000,000 Credits
Ship Details:
Ship Name:  Elbing
WG Introduction:  Jan 14th, 2021
Tier:  X (10)
Class:   Destroyer
Status: Researchable Ship
Ship release:  0.10.5
Resource Purchase:  SHIP XP240,000 CREDITS20,000,000
Nation:  GERMANYGermany
Current Status:  Released


elbing armour
Hit Points:  30,900
Overall:  13~100 mm
Hull Fore/Aft plating:  19 mm
Hull Mid:  25 mm
Deck Fore/Aft:  19 mm
Deck Mid:  25 mm
Superstructure:  13 mm
Bottom:  20 mm
Turrets:  35~100 mm
Tonnage:  6,508 t

Main Battery:
3 x 2 150 mm/60 SK C/25 on a Tbts KC 42T mount:

Max Range:  13.3 km
Reload:  7.1 s
180° Turn Time:  18.0 s
Dispersion at Max Range:  62 m
Sigma:  2.0σ 

Shell Types:

He Shells:
6 x 150 mm Spr.Gr. L/4.4 Kz. Ausf. B:
Alpha Damage:  1,800
Alpha Piercing HE:   38.0 mm
Ammo Type:   HE
Shell Air Drag:   0.237
Shell Always Ricochet At:   60.0°
Normalisation:  8.0°
Shell Detonator:   0.001
Shell Detonator Threshold:   2.0
Shell Diameter:   150 mm
Shell Krupp:   32.0
Shell Mass:   51.0
Shell Ricochet At:   91.0°
Shell Speed:   960.0 m/s
Burn Probability:   12%
AP Shells:
6 x 150 mm P.Spr.Gr. L/3.7 Ausf. C:
Alpha Damage:  4,100
Ammo Type:   AP
Shell Air Drag:   0.23651
Shell Always Ricochet At:   67.5°
Normalization:  8.5°
Shell Detonator:   0.25
Shell Detonator Threshold:   25.0 mm
Shell Diameter:   150 mm
Shell Krupp:   2950.0
Shell Mass:   51.0
Shell Ricochet At:   60.0°
Shell Speed:   960.0 m/s

Depth Charges:
Maximum damage: 2200
Charges: 2
Bombs per charge: 16
Reload time: 40 s

2 x 5 533 mm Fünfling/G7 T1 Ausf.C:
Reload:  90 s
180° Turn Time:  7.2 s
Range:  13.5 km
Damage:  16,533 hp
Speed:  50 kts
Visibility Distance:  1.2 km

AA Defence:
Long Range:
3 x 2 150 mm/60 SK C/25 on a Tbts KC 42T mount
Action Zone:  6.9 km
Hit Probability:  100 %
Damage Within an Explosion:  1750
Continuous Damage Per Second:  46
Number of Explosions Per Salvo:  2
Continuous Damage:  223
Mid Range:
2 x 2 55 mm/77 Gerät 58 on a twin mount
AA Damage:  88
Hit Probability:  100%
Action Radius:  4.0 km
Short Range:
10 x 4 30 mm/45 Flak 103/38 on a quadruple mount
AA Damage:  305
Hit Probability:  95%
Action Radius:  3.0 km

Maximum Speed:  36.2 kts
Turning Circle Radius:  890   m
Rudder Shift Time:  6.3 s
Propulsion:  110,000 hp

Surface Detectability:  8.0 km
Air Detectability:  5.0   km
Detectability after Firing Main Guns in Smoke:  3.5 km

Slot 1: Damage Control Party:
Work Time:  5 s
Reload Time:  40 s
Slot 2: Smoke Generator:
Charges:  3
Action time:  20 s
Reload time:  160 s
Lifetime:  97 s
Slot 3 Engine Boost
Charges: 3
Duration time: 120 s
Reload time: 120 s
Maximum speed: +8%
Slot 4: Defensive AA:
Charges:  3
Action time:  40 s
Reload time:  80 s
Continuous Damage:  +50%
Damage from shell explosions:  +300%
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change at any time.

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