0.10.1 Clan Brawls - Brawl #1 - 1 vs 1 Tier VIII - Details - Rules - Rewards - Dates and Times (Countdown)


0.10.1 Clan Brawls - Brawl #1 - 1 vs 1 Tier VIII - Details - Rules - Rewards - Dates and Times

Brawl 1 will be held under an updated set of rules, utilizing a 1 vs. 1 format with Tier VIII ships. Face off against rivals for Credits, Coal, Free XP, and other rewards!

Updated BrawlsBrawl 1Rewards

Updated Brawls

In Update 0.10.1, we've revamped Brawls to make them a separate battle type, with seasons spanning short periods of time and utilizing a smaller team format. You can participate either in a Division or solo, and you no longer need to be a member of a Clan in order to join in.

Other features
  • Each Brawl runs for only a few days. Brawls are available throughout each day, except for low activity periods.
  • If you're not playing in a Division, your allies are picked at random. Matchmaking takes the type and tier of your ship into account.
  • The ship-type compositions of each team won't necessarily mirror each other.
  • All ships will be of the same tier.
  • Battles take place on maps with reduced combat areas.
  • You can't take part in a battle with opponents who you previously fought against in your last several battles.
  • Bonuses to XP for the first win of the day will not be available in Brawls.

Brawl 1

Brawl #1, with the reworked rules applied, kicks off on March 8.
DATE: March 8th, 2021
FORMAT: battles will be fought playing 1 vs. 1, playing Tier VIII ships.
 ASIA 01:00 to 18:00 UTC
 CIS    06:00 to 23:00 UTC
 EU     08:00 to 01:00 UTC
 NA     16:00 to 09:00 UTC
    You can take part in the Brawl only during the time period specified for your server.

    Game maps and modes
    Big Race, Shatter, Crash Zone Alpha, and Sleeping Giant in Domination mode; Two Brothers in the Epicenter mode.


    REWARDS: Up to  2.250,000  Credits 80,000  Elite Commander XP;  coal 10000 Coal; and 4x signals of each type, But not special ones.

    For this Brawl, you can expect to receive the following fixed amounts of XP and Credits per battle:
    1,250  base XP and  125,000 Credits for a victory.
    250  base XP and  75,000 Credits for a lost battle.


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