Early Access Italian Battleships Combat Missions

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Early Access  Italian Battleships Combat Missions: Part 1

Combat mission group rewards: a new temporary resource Italian Tokens, a permanent camouflage for VI Andrea Doria, and special signals. The final reward for completing the last combat mission group is VII Francesco Caracciolo.

Twenty-four missions across four groups await you. The first group will become available with the release of Update 0.10.1, while those that follow will be unlocked on a weekly basis. Completing missions and groups will earn you Italian Tokens and special signals. Completing the third group will bring you the Roman permanent camouflage for VI Andrea Doria. The final reward comes in the form of VII Francesco Caracciolo with a Port slot and 6-skill point Commander.


The number of Italian Tokens that can be accrued by completing "Italian Battleships: Part 1" combat missions will be enough to obtain consecutive bundles with Tier IV–VI battleships and a permanent camouflage for a Tier VII battleship.



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