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"Snowflakes" Rewards: Gift Container Steel Coal

In Update 0.9.12 and 10.0, ships of Tier V to X will feature ❆Snowflakes with holiday bonuses. Depending on the ship's tier, you'll receive coal CoalsteelSteel, or Santa's lootboxGift containers for blowing off Snowflakes.
The mechanics of receiving rewards for blowing off Snowflakes have been updated. You can now obtain a reward by gaining a victory or earning at least 300 base XP. and will reward you with following:
rewardAfter a victory or earning at least 300 base XP:
Ships of Tier V–VII will bring you: Tier V coal 400 CoalTier VI coal 500 Coal and Tier VII coal 750 Coal.
Ships of Tier VIII–IX will bring you:  steel 75 Steel.
Ships of Tier X will bring you:  lootbox 1 x Santa's Gift Container (See Below)

Please note: The "❆Snowflake" can only be shot down once during the 0.9.12 and 0.10.0 updates in all types of battle except training battles.
Track your Steel - Coal - Gift Containers in Snowflakes 2020 - Click the Link above or the Image below.


Santa's Big Container
You can find one of the following rewards in a Santa's Gift container:
icon 300 doubloons
Coal 2,500 Coal
icon 10,000 Free XP
icon 30 days of Warships Premium Account
icon 5x New Year Camos
icon 5x New Year Type 3 Camos
icon 4x Winter Strands Camos
icon 4x New Year Streamer Camos
icon 4x Frosty Fir Tree Camos
icon 50x Zulu Signals
icon 50x Papa Papa Signals
icon 50x Zulu Hotel Signals
icon 50x Equal Speed Charlie London Signals
* Below is a List if Ships That Can Be Won 
It's important to point out that next year, ships iconicon IV Imperator Nikolai I , iconicon V Gremyashchyiconicon V Fūjiniconicon V Giulio Cesare, and iconicon V Kamikaze will not be included in Next Years Santa's containers. Don't miss your (Last Chance) to get rare Premium ships!
 You could possibly find one of the following rewards in a Santa's  Gift container along with a Commander  with 10 skill points and  Port slot.

warshipwarshipIV Imperator Nikolai I (Last Chance)
warshipwarshipV Gremyashchy (Last Chance)
warshipwarshipV Kamikaze (Last Chance)
warshipwarshipV Fūjin (Last Chance)
warshipwarshipV Giulio Cesare (Last Chance)
warshipwarshipVII Flint
warshipwarshipVII Belfast
warshipwarshipVIII Mikhail Kutuzov
warshipwarshipVIII Enterprise
warshipwarshipIX Neustrashimy
warshipwarshipIX Missouri
warshipwarshipIX Musashi
warshipwarshipIX Kronshtadt
warshipwarshipIX Benham
warshipwarshipIX Jean Bart
warshipwarshipIX Pommern
warshipwarshipIX Ägir
warshipwarshipIX Georgia
warshipwarshipIX Alaska
warshipwarshipIX Azuma
warshipwarshipIX Friesland
warshipwarshipVIII Siliwangi
warshipwarshipVIII Graf Zeppelin
warshipwarshipVIII Roma
warshipwarshipVIII Vanguard
warshipwarshipVIII Kii
warshipwarshipVIII Massachusetts
warshipwarshipVIII Champagne
warshipwarshipVIII Tirpitz
warshipwarshipVIII Gascogne
warshipwarshipVIII Alabama
warshipwarshipVIII Indomitable
warshipwarshipVIII Irian
warshipwarshipVIII Wichita
warshipwarshipVIII Cheshire
warshipwarshipVIII Pyotr Bagration
warshipwarshipVIII Ochakov
warshipwarshipVIII Mainz
warshipwarshipVIII Lenin
warshipwarshipVIII Saipan
warshipwarshipVIII Kaga
warshipwarshipVIII Prinz Eugen
warshipwarshipVIII Bayard
warshipwarshipVIII Atago
warshipwarshipVIII Orkan
warshipwarshipVIII Z-35
warshipwarshipVIII Cossack
warshipwarshipVIII Le Terrible
warshipwarshipVIII Asashio
warshipwarshipVIII Kidd
warshipwarshipVIII Loyang
warshipwarshipVII Duca degli Abruzzi
warshipwarshipVII Nelson
warshipwarshipVII Duke of York
warshipwarshipVII Hood
warshipwarshipVII California
warshipwarshipVII Poltava
warshipwarshipVII Scharnhorst
warshipwarshipVII Ashitaka
warshipwarshipVII Atlanta
warshipwarshipVII Nueve de Julio
warshipwarshipVII Gorizia
warshipwarshipVII Boise
warshipwarshipVII Lazo
warshipwarshipVII Indianapolis
warshipwarshipVII Yūdachi
warshipwarshipVII Z-39
warshipwarshipVII Haida
warshipwarshipVII Leningrad
warshipwarshipVII Sims
warshipwarshipVII Błyskawica
warshipwarshipVI W. Virginia 1941
warshipwarshipVI Prinz Eitel Friedrich
warshipwarshipVI Duca d'Aosta
warshipwarshipVI Arizona
warshipwarshipVI Mutsu
warshipwarshipVI Warspite
warshipwarshipVI Erich Loewenhardt
warshipwarshipVI Ark Royal
warshipwarshipVI London
warshipwarshipVI De Grasse
warshipwarshipVI T-61
warshipwarshipVI Dunkerque
warshipwarshipVI Admiral Makarov
warshipwarshipVI Huanghe
warshipwarshipVI Perth
warshipwarshipVI Admiral Graf Spee
warshipwarshipVI Aigle
warshipwarshipVI Monaghan
warshipwarshipVI Molotov
warshipwarshipVI Gallant
warshipwarshipVI Anshan
warshipwarshipV Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
warshipwarshipV Viribus Unitis
warshipwarshipV Genova
warshipwarshipV Texas
warshipwarshipV Kirov
warshipwarshipV Mikoyan
warshipwarshipV Exeter
warshipwarshipV Yahagi
warshipwarshipV Marblehead Lima
warshipwarshipV Marblehead
warshipwarshipV Murmansk
warshipwarshipV Krasny Krym
warshipwarshipV Hill
warshipwarshipV Siroco
warshipwarshipV Okhotnik
Rules of Compensation
If a ship that you already have in your Port is dropped, the Santa's Gift container will be replaced by a supercontainer. The latter will contain another ship from the list along with a Port slot and Commander with 10 skill points. More information about the compensation can be read HERE

IMPORTANT! Because the information stated is WIP, the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after this info have been released.


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