Austin - Tier X American Light Cruiser 1944

image of cruiser USS Austin

usaflagicon Austin - Tier X American Light Cruiser 1944

A light cruiser project (CL-154) that was developed at the end of World War II. The ship's main armament comprised the latest 127 mm dual-purpose mounts.
PT 12.10 Changes to flagcruiser icon X Austin
Main battery reload time reduced: 8 to 7.5s.
Main Battery Reload Booster consumable reload time reduced: 125 to 120s.

austin Austin Memorable Flag
The coat of arms of Austin, the capital city of Texas, contains an image of a lamp of knowledge that symbolizes the largest university. The shield in the flag colours is crowned with a Latin cross from the private coat of arms of Stephen Austin, the "Father of Texas."


Ship Name:  flagSPECIAL CRUISER X Austin
Tier:  X (10).
Is paper ship:  Yes.
Class:  Light Cruiser .
WG introduction:  November 26 2020.
Status: SPECIAL CRUISERSpecial Ship.
Ship released:  0.10.2.
Resource purchase: STEEL 29,000 Steel.
Nation:   flag USA.
Current development status:  Released 

Hit Points: 30,700.
Overall: 6~225 mm.
Citadel  Fore Athwartships:   16~95 mm.
Citadel  Aft Athwartships:  16~95 mm.
Citadel plating:   16~25 mm.
Citadel Armor Belt:   95 mm.
Citadel Deck:   32~225 mm.
Citadel Bottom:   40 mm.
Turret Plating:  32 mm.
Torpedo Damage Reduction:  4%.
Tonnage:   9,126 t.

6 x 2 127 mm/54 Mk.18 in a turret:
Firing Range:  15.0 km.
Reload Time:  7.5 s.
180 Degree Turn Time:  4.5 s.
Maximum Dispersion:  137 m.
Sigma Value:  2.05σ.

12 x 127 mm SAP CS Mk.42:
Max Damage per shell:  2,700.
Alpha Piercing SAP CS:  36 mm.
Ammo Type:  SAP (CS).
Air Drag Coefficient:  0.21.
Always Ricochet at:  75.0°.
Normalization:  45.0°.
Fusetime:  0.03 s.
Detonator Threshold:  25.0 mm.
Shell Diameter:  0.127 m.
Krupp:  3.0.
Mass:  31.75 kg.
Start Ricochet:  65.0°.
Muzzle Velocity:  808 m/s.
12 x 127 mm HE Mk.41:
Max Damage per shell:  1,800.
Alpha Piercing HE:  21 mm.
Ammo Type:  HE.
Drag Coefficient:  0.21.
Always Ricochet:  60.0°.
Normalization:  68.0°.
Fusetime:  0.001 s.
Arming Threshold:  2.0 mm.
Shell Diameter:  0.127 m.
Krupp:  475.0.
Mass:  31.75 kg.
Start Ricochet:  91.0°.
Muzzle Velocity:  808 m/s.
Burn Probability:  9.0%.

2 x 5 533 mm Type16 mod. 1:
Reload:    106 s.
180° Turn Time:   7.2 s.
Range:   10.5 km.
Damage:   19,033.
Speed:   66 kts.
Visibility Distance:   1.4 km.
Reaction Time:   8.15 s.
Chance of Flood:   ~323%.

6 x 2 127 mm/54 Mk.18 in a turret:
Action Zone:   0.1~6.0 km.
Hit Probability:   90 %.
Continuous Damage Per Second:   70.
Damage Within an Explosion:   1820.
Continuous Damage:   422.
Action Zone:  3.5~6.0
Number of Explosions Per Salvo:   10.
6 x 2 76.2 mm/70 Mk.37 in a turret:
Action Zone:   0.1~4.0 km.
Hit Probability:   90 %.
Continuous Damage Per Second:   347.

Maximum Speed:   35.0 kts.
Turning Circle Radius:   670 m.
Rudder Shift Time:   7.7 s.
Propulsion:   110,000 hp.

Surface Detectability:   11.5 km.
Air Detectability:   7.4 km.
Detectability after Firing Main Guns in Smoke:   5.2 km.

Slot 1:   Damage Control Party:
Work time:  5 s.
Reload time:  60 s.
Slot 2:   Defensive AA:
Charges:  4.
Action time:  40 s.
Reload time:  80 s.
Slot 3:   Main Battery Reload Booster:
Charges:  ∞.
Action Time:  15 s.
Reload Time:  120 s.
Main battery boost :  +75%.
Slot 4:   Repair Party:
Charges:  4.
Action time:  28 s.
Reload time:  80 s.
HP Regeneration: +202 hp p/s.
Slot 5:   Hydroacoustic Search:
Charges:  3.
Action time:  100 s.
Reload time:  120 s.
Torpedo detection range:  3.5 km.


All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change at any time.

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