0.9.9.American Battleships, Part 1 Early Access

American Battleships, Part 1

Update 0.9.9. kicks off the early access event dedicated to a new branch of American battleships.

U.S. Battleships: Part 1

U.S. battleships VIII Kansas and IX Minnesota in Early Access!

Early Access: VIII Kansas can be obtained by completing all the Directives. IX Minnesota can be dropped in random bundles that are available in exchange for doubloons in the Armory.


American Tokens: a new temporary resource that can be earned by progressing through Directives of the event and by completing special chains of combat missions. They will also be available for Recruitment Points in the Armory, and via random bundles that will be available in exchange for doubloons. When Update 0.9.11 goes live, American Tokens will be converted into credits at a rate of 1:1,000.

Rewards in exchange for American Tokens: consecutive bundles and other rewards can be found in the Armory. Consecutive bundles will feature VII Florida with a Gold Eagle permanent camouflage and commemorative flag; Gold Eagle permanent camouflages for VIII Kansas, IX Minnesota, and X Vermont; days of Premium Account; Coal; expendable camouflages; and signals.

What distinctive features can the new U.S. battleships boast of having?
Numerous main battery guns with a solid salvo weight and firing range, which come at the expense of longer gun reload times.
The ships enjoy great maneuverability for their type, as well as good anti-torpedo protection, but are rather slow.
Their decent AA defenses are reinforced by access to the Defensive AA Fire consumable.

When Update 0.9.11 goes live, VIII Kansas, IX Minnesota, and X Vermont will be available for all players to research.

WG have also updated the Naval Base Port.


The new game event tasks you with completing 32 missions spread across four Directives. The first Directive will become available with the release of Update 0.9.9, while those that follow will be unlocked on a weekly basis. Completing the missions and Directives will reward you with American Tokens.

The final reward for completing the last Directive: VIII Kansas with all her modules fully researched, a Commander with three skill points, and a Port slot.

Random Bundles

The "U.S. Battleships: Part 1" section of the Armory has been stocked with five variants of random bundles. Each can be obtained in exchange for 1,000 doubloons. They have a chance of dropping IX Minnesota plus a Commander with three skill points and a Port slot, American Tokens, and other rewards.

American Tokens

American Tokens can be obtained in the following ways:
By completing Directives and missions of the event—up to 12,900 Tokens.
From random bundles that are available in exchange for doubloons in the Armory—up to 96,000 Tokens.
In exchange for Recruitment Points in the Armory—up to 2,000 Tokens.

For more details about the Recruiting Station, follow this link.

You can get even more American Tokens for completing chains of combat missions that are available on the weekends of the second and third weeks after the release of the Update. The difficulty of the chains, as well as the number of Tokens that you can receive, depends on your activity during the previous updates.


You can exchange American Tokens for consecutive bundles and other rewards in the Armory.
Consecutive Bundles

Other Rewards


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