Summer Sale Fest 2020 Discounts Missions Containers Times Dates


Summer Sale Fest 2020 Discounts Missions Containers Times Dates

Summer Tokens
You can earn Summer Tokens by completing combat missions, and receive them together with purchases of special bundles in the Premium Shop. You can exchange the Tokens for rare ships Tier III König Albert and Tier III Vampire, and Summer expendable camouflages, as well as special containers dedicated to various Armory events: Black Friday, Halloween, Santa's Big Gift, and others, as well as some rare Premium ships, containers, and the unique Blazing Tropics permanent camouflage for Tier VII Atlanta. When Update 0.9.7 ends, Summer Tokens will automatically be exchanged for Summer expendable camouflage patterns.

Times and Dates

Combat Missions
To complete the combat mission, you'll need to earn "Hits to citadel", "Set on fire", "Torpedo hits" and "Main battery hits" ribbons; earn achievements; and accumulate damage due to your spotting. You'll get two Summer Tokens for each one of five stages of the combat mission chain, and five more Tokens as the final reward. You’ll find more details in the Combat Missions section. 

You can complete the chain of combat missions playing Tier V–X ships in Random, Ranked, and Co-op Battles, as well as Operations.

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