0.9.6 New Ship and Event Flags including Patches


New Ship and Event Flags including Patches

Season 17Minister of Defense of the Weimar Republic Flag
A commemorative flag granted for achieving Rank 15 in the Seventeenth Season of Ranked Battles.
During the Weimar Republic period (1919-1933), the German Navy were under the command of the Minister of Defense. The flag of the Minister f Defense was a cloth of national colors with the image of the Iron Cross placed in the center.
Wows Gamer BlogErich Loewenhardt Flag
A recipient of the Pour le Mérite order of merit, Erich Loewenhardt (1897–1918) was a brilliant infantry officer and an equally outstanding pilot, the third-ranking German ace of World War I.
PommernPommern Flag
General der Infanterie Erich Ludendorff (1865–1937) was among the upper echelons of the most outstanding German military commanders of the World War I period.
MünchenMünchen Flag
The first German ship named after the capital of Bavaria. The ship carried a blue and white coat of arms of that land on its stem.
AnchorageAnchorage Flag
Anchorage, now the largest city in Alaska, was founded in 1914 on the shores of a gulf. The city's name stands for a "place off the coast which is suitable for ships to anchor."
MoskvaMoskva Flag
My beloved Moscow, the city of golden domes!.
El LibertadorEl Libertador Flag
An ensign to honor Simón Bolívar.
In the unity of our nations rests the glorious future of our peoples.
Collector. GoldCollector. Gold Patch
Complete a collection of 350 ships.
All-Seasoned PT WarriorAn All-Seasoned PT Warrior Patch
A commemorative emblem issued for achieving the final result in all seasons of the Public Test.

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