Team Battles (Club Battles) Blast from the Past

Team Battles (Blast from the Past)

"There is a really big need for a normal game mode in which you can form a team of any player(without a clan or not) without any application and without time and season restriction.

I have to bring this up since such a game mode (company battles) was in World of Tanks since the beginning and for a game advertising themselves as a team game, there is not much to back that up. I just want to get home and be able to have a relaxed game with people i can trust with no pressure or KO rounds. My clan was very disappointed to find no such thing in World of Warships." Quote from Colonel_Boom EU Forum.

* A Team is a regular combat unit of seven players that participates in Team Battles. In addition, every Team has three vacant places for reserve players.
* Invite your friends to join your Team, or accept invitations from other players.
* Seven players take part in a Team Battle at a time.
* If you are already in a Team, click "Ready!" to assemble your teammates.
* The Team Battle type will be selected automatically. An invitation to assemble will be sent to all Team members.
* If your Team lacks players who are ready for battle, you can invite mercenaries to join a Team Battle via contact lists or enter the battle with fewer teammates.
* The minimum number of ready members required to enter a battle is 4, Mercenaries will be added automatically on the battle queue screen.
* You can also participate in a Team Battle as a mercenary, in which case you will automatically join a random Team with a vacant place.
* To do this, select the Team Battle type and click "BATTLE!".
* Good luck in Team Battles!

* Players can only access Team Battles once they've reached Service Record level 12
* Teams are managed via the "My Teams" tab in the player profile. This tab is also accessible via the Port panel
* Players may be the member of the "Leader" of up to three separate teams
* Each team has 10 slots, but players will only bring their strongest seven into combat
* Team members can vote on accepting new player invites, removing members, and even to remove the leader
* Teams are allowed only one battleship and one aircraft carrier

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