BugFix Update


Update 6 x BugFix's

Due to the installation of the Update, the server will be unavailable:

Starts: Wed. 19 Feb. 
EU 05:00 UTC - NA 10:00 UTC - RU 03:00 UTC
Ends: Wed. 19 Feb. 
EU 07:00 UTC - NA 12:00 UTC - RU 05:00 UTC

Update size: 160 MB


* Fixed a bug causing the client to crash in Scenario Operation "Raptor Rescue" and the operation is again available in the game client.
* Fixed a bug that caused the game client to crash when trying to mount the "French Navy" permanent camouflage on the Tier VI destroyer Guepard. The camouflage is again available for purchase in the game client, and owners of the camouflage will have it credited back to them.
* Fixed a bug that caused the Steam client of the game to always run in English, regardless of the selected settings.
* Fixed a bug that caused a very loud sinking sound after receiving a torpedo hit.
* Fixed a bug that caused the "Master of the Water World" camouflage to display incorrectly.
* Fixed a bug that caused the client to crash when changing the game window mode (windowed/full-screen) if the player had the language bar enabled.

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