SILIWANGI Tier VIII Pan-Asian Premium Destroyer Stats


SILIWANGI Tier VIII Pan-Asian Destroyer

In 1959, Soviet destroyer Volevoy (Project 30-bis) was transferred to the Indonesian Navy and renamed "Siliwangi" in honor of the semi-mythical ruler of the Sunda Kingdom located on the island of Java, who, according to a legend, transformed into a tiger.
wows gamer blogTier VIII Pan-Asian Destroyer SILIWANGI (1951)
The Soviet 30-bis class destroyer “Volevoy” transferred to Indonesia has features of both a Soviet and Pan-Asian ship. Hydroacoustic search with a long range serves more as a defensive consumable due to relatively weak main battery artillery, therefore, the ship’s main weapon are her deep-water torpedoes.

SILIWANGI will be dedicated to the 2020 Lunar New Year Celebrations.
COST:  In the Premium Shop & Lunar Containers 
Hit points:   17.200.
Plating:   8~20 mm.
Deck Plating:   Aft/Fore 19 mm. Mid 19 mm.
Hull Plating:   19 mm.
Superstructure:   13 mm.
Turret Plating:   8 mm.
Propulsion:   62,100 hp.
Tonnage:   3,060 tn.
main battery
2 x 2 130 mm B-2LM:
Firing Range:   12.51 km.
MB Reload Time:   4.8 s.
180 Degree Turn Time:   18.6 s.
Maximum Dispersion:   109 m.
Sigma Value:   2.0σ.


130 mm HE-46:
Shell Type:   HE
Alpha Damage:   1900.
Chance of Fire:   8%.
HE Armour Penetration:   21 mm.
Shell Velocity:   870 m/s.
Air Drag:   0.286.
Shell Mass:   33.4.

130 mm SAP-46:
Shell Type:   AP
Alpha Damage:   2500.
Shell Speed:   870 m/s.
Air drag:   0.286.
Shell Krupp:   1700.
Shell Mass:   33.5.
2 x 5 533 mm Quintuple PTA-53-68-bis:
Maximum Damage:   17,933.
Range:   10 km.
Speed:   61 kts.
Reload Time:   120 s.
Launcher 180 Degree Turn Time:   7.2 s.
Running Depth:   5.54 m
Torpedo Detectability:   0.8 km.
Torpedo Type:   Deep Water. 
Action Zone:   0.1-3.5 km.
Hit Probability:   100 %.
Area Damage:   3.0.
Area Damage Frequency:   0.29 s.
Continuous Damage Per Second:   106.
Maximum Speed:   36.5 kts.
Turning Circle Radius:   660 m.
Rudder Shift Time:   4.0 s.
Surface Detectability:   7.6 km.
Air Detectability:   3.4 km.
Detectability after Firing Main Guns in Smoke:   2.9 km.
Slot 1: Damage Control Party:
Work Time:   5s.
Reload Time:   60s (40s).
Slot 2: Smoke Generator:
Charges:   4 (5).
Action time:    30 s.
Smoke screen life time:   70 s.
Reload time:   150 (100) s.
Smoke Radius:  450.0 m.
Slot 3: Hydroacoustic Search:
Charges:   2 (3).
Action time:   110 s.
Reload Time:   180 (120s).
Torpedo Detection Range:   3.75 km. Ship Detection Range: 5 km.
() Brackets denotes upgrade consumables.


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