Clan Battles VIII Sea of Fortune

Clan Battles

Clan Battles VIII Sea of Fortune

The new Season of Clan Battles starts on January 22 and ends on March 9. The battles will be in the "7 vs 7" format with tier X ships. There can be no more than 1 Battleship per team and no aircraft carriers.

Battles will be fought on the Hotspot, Sea of Fortune, Tears of the Desert, Crash Zone Alpha, Mountain Range, Land of Fire, and North maps in the Domination mode.


Gaming sessions are available on: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

On the days of any update releases, Clan Battles are held only during the prime time of your server.


Countdown Countdown
Play one Clan Battle between January 22nd and February 5th to redistribute Commander skill points for free.



* Format: Tier X ships in a 7 vs. 7 format.
* Restrictions: no aircraft carriers allowed and no more than one battleship per team.
* Rewards: up to 11,000 Steel and many additional rewards.
* Maps: Hotspot, Sea of Fortune, Tears of the Desert, Crash Zone Alpha, Mountain Range, Land of Fire, and North.
* Mode: Domination.
* Season Features: a cyclone is guaranteed to appear on each of the following maps: Mountain Range, Land of Fire, and North.

Spotting range during a cyclone is 12 km instead of the usual 8 km for a Random Battle. The point in time at which a cyclone appears, as well as its duration, are strictly predetermined and don't change.

clan ships
When the Season starts, any player who plays a Clan, Co-op, or Random Battle steering a Tier VIII–X ship, will be given a set of three special Tier X ships for temporary use:  X [Großer Kurfürst],  X [Zaō], and  X [Grozovoi].  On February 3, these will be replaced by  X [Montana],  X [Moskva], and  X [Shimakaze]. The final trio— X [Yamato],  X [Hindenburg], and  X [Gearing] will arrive in your Port on February 17.



Detailed information on the rewards and conditions for the combat missions can be found in the game client.

clan treasury

Clans with Ranks 1–50 in the Global Rating will receive between 5,000 and 25,000 Steel.
Place in the global ratingSteel
* Each following step brings 250 less Steel.
Clans that don't enter the Top 50 will receive amounts of Steel and Coal in their Treasury that correspond to their League and Group.
League, GroupSteelCoal
Hurricane, 12,50025,000
Typhoon, 11,50025,000
Typhoon, 21,00020,000
Typhoon, 315,000
Storm, 112,500
Storm, 210,000
Storm, 37,500
Gale, 15,000

seasons features

On all maps, the following rules apply:

* Number of Key Areas: 3
* Capture time: 40 seconds
* Points from a captured Key Area: 3 points per 4 seconds

The main feature of the Season is a guaranteed appearance of the cyclone on the Mountain Range, Land of Fire, and North maps. Unlike Random Battles, cyclones work according to strict rules in the new Clan Battles Season:

* They appear in five minutes after a battle begins
* The visibility range drops to 12 km in 1 minute
* A cyclone rages for 6 minutes, after which the visibility gradually returns to standard values within a period of 2 minutes

These settings, coupled with the strictly defined conditions of the cyclone’s occurrence, will make team tactics and gameplay more varied by reducing the engagement distance between opponents. The visibility range of 12 km will prevent cruisers equipped with the Surveillance Radar consumable from discovering enemy ships while remaining undetected themselves.


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