Arpeggio of Blue Steel ARP Ships Missions Dates / Times

World of Warships x Arpeggio of Blue Steel Collaboration II

In Pursuit of Premium ships
Complete four chains of combat missions and you'll get five ARP Premium ships! The combat missions will remain available until the release of Update 0.9.1. You can complete these chains of combat missions playing Tier V–X ships in Operations, Random Battles, or Co-op Battles.


Countdown Countdown

Missions can be played in: Co-op, Scenarios, and Random Battles.
Chain 1: ARP Hiei
1.1 Earn 50,000 XP
1.2 Earn 15,000 base XP
1.3 Hit 25 Citadels

Chain 2: ARP Kongo
2.1 Earn 3,000,000 credits
2.2 Win 10 Battles
2.3 Deal 400,000 damage

Chain 3: ARP Haruna
3.1 Receive 10m potential damage
3.2 Earn 15 Capture, Capture Assist, and/or Defend ribbons
3.3 Destroy 15 enemy ships

Chain 4: ARP Myoko & ARP Kirishima
4.1 Earn 30 set on fire ribbons
4.2 Earn 30 torpedo hit ribbons
4.3 Earn 100,000 Commander XP.

You can complete each chain of missions only once.
If you obtain a ship that you already have in your Port, you will get compensation in credits, a Commander, and a Port slot.
Please note: you can have several identical ARP Commanders in your Port simultaneously.

If you already have V ARP KirishimaV ARP HarunaV ARP Kongō, or V ARP Hieiyou'll receive  3,750,000 credits as compensation for each ship. If you already have VII ARP Myōkōyou'll receive  6,375,000 credits as compensation for the ship.


The anime and manga are set in the near future, at a time when the mysterious Fleet of Fog has seized control over the World Ocean. An enigmatic invincible squadron is made up of the reincarnations of legendary ships from the first half of the 20th century, with Kongō, Kirishima, and Takao being among them.

Equipped with a mysterious superweapon, and led by battleship Yamato, the new masters of the oceans block the humans from accessing the seas—destroying anything that dares to move offshore. Many corners of the earth, including Japan, find themselves isolated and cut off from the rest of the world.

Ships of the Fleet of Fog are commanded by their human-like Mental Models. Iona, the Mental Model of Japanese submarine I-401, chooses to defect across to the humans in a bid to turn the tide of the war against the Fleet of Fog.

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