Division With The Mighty Jingles Possibly Win a Warspite Today EU on World of Warships

Division With The Mighty Jingles Possibly Win a Warspite Today EU

Live from World of Warships EU's head-quarters in Prague – The Mighty Jingles throws his hat in the ring!

Stream Starts: 
 Thur (Today). 05 Dec. 17:00 UTC

In recognition of the release of Commander The Mighty Jingles, we're holding a special stream following our 'Jingles Gnomes Best' in-game event. Apart from the obligatory mingles and the odd battle here and there, our hosts SeaSickOllie and WG_Lumberjack will announce the winners of the event! If you didn't take part, then hold on to your hat because we'll be giving away an authentic Royal Navy commander's cap – signed by Jingles – to one of our viewers!

But that's not all! This stream will be brimming with additional prizes:
  • x3    VI Warspites
  • x10  10-point  Commander booster (250,000 elite commander XP)
  • x25   Target Acquisition System Modification 1
Also, be on the lookout for some fresh, new content that will soon make its way into the game!

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