Arms Race and Other Improvements Supertest Latest World of Warships

Arms Race and Other Improvements Latest

The Arms Race mode — which has special pick-up zones which grant team combat buffs upon activation — is updated.
We’ve updated the buffs. Now they will also affect aircraft carriers’ squadrons:
  • Increasing the movement speed of ships or planes and increasing the rudder shift speed;
  • Constant HP recovery in percentage of the maximum HP for ships or planes;
  • Increased reload speed for main caliber guns and torpedoes, increased plane replenishment speed;
Increased ships’ and planes’ consumable reload speed.
All ships in the team will receive one buff level when a pick-up zone with a bonus is activated.
Besides that, the way buffs are displayed in the interface and the messages about getting them are updated, and areas with them are now marked by small buoys.

Also, the following improvements are made:
  • Southern Dragon, Eastern Dragon, and ARP ships are becoming premium ships. This means they will get increased credits earnings;
  • Additional content settings are updated. Now you will still get bonuses from a camouflage when you hide it. The standard permanent camouflage or — in case the ship doesn’t have one — the Type 5 camouflage will be displayed instead;
  • The armor scheme display in port is updated. Now more colors will be used to show different thicknesses, and new armor groups were added: the ship’s ends and torpedo protection.

IMPORTANT! Because the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screen shots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the finalised information is released.

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