ST: CO-OP Matchmaking, 14th Ranked Season, Arp and Dragon Ships Camo Changes, Visual Enhancements

Arp and Dragon Ships Camo Changes, CO-OP Matchmaking, 14th Ranked Season, Visual Enhancements

The matchmaker for Cooperative battles will be updated in 0.8.10. Battles will be fought in the "9 vs 9" format, and in case of a team not being filled with players, the additional bots will be more diverse. A larger number of ships will make battles more intense and will enrich the game experience.

Ranked season 14, beginning in the middle of Update 0.8.10, will be fought on tier X ships in a new format of "8 vs 8". There will be no more than 1 aircraft carrier per team. The main reward remains unchanged - up to 5 500 steel.
According to your feedback, the special visuals of the Eastern Dragon, Southern Dragon and ARP ships will become a separate permanent camouflage. They will have standard combat bonuses. Also, other camouflages and special upgrades may be mounted on these ships. If the additional content settings menu is used to hide these camouflages, then they will be dismounted.

We continue to work on the game's visuals and tech aspects.

The maps Solomon Islands, Ring, New Dawn, Hotspot, Two Brothers, Shards, Estuary, Haven, Archipelago, and Land of Fire, as well as the ports Saint Petersburg and Ocean are updated for the new lighting model.
The aiming reticle will utilize new technology, the same as the minimap starting from Update 0.8.5. This will help us to introduce improvements to the game in a more efficient way.
Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary and subject to change.

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