Clan Battles Season 7: "Crash Zone Alpha" Free Skill Points Reset - Win up to 11,000 Steel: World of Warships

Clan Battles Season 7: "Crash Zone Alpha"

Commanders, the seventh season of Clan Battles, code-named "Crash Zone Alpha"

Changes to the Rules:

* Teams of eight players are invited to fight in Clan Battles
* All Tier X ships are eligible, except for aircraft carriers
* Due to the increase in the number of players in battle, each team can bring up to two battleships to     the fight

Free Skill Points Reset:
From October 23 until November 6, all players who participate in at least one Clan Battle will be able to redistribute the skill points of their Commanders for free. Get yourselves ready for Clan Battles!

Battles will rage on the following seven maps in the new Season: Hotspot, Warrior's Path, Sea of Fortune, North, Land of Fire, Crash Zone Alpha, and Shards. All battles will use Domination mode.

The following rules apply on all maps:

* Number of Key Areas: three (four on the Sea of Fortune map)
* Capture time: 40 seconds
* Points from a captured Key Area: 3 points per 4 seconds (2 points per 4 seconds on the Sea of       Fortune map).

Please note: due to the reversion to standard time, the prime times for the EU and NA servers will move one hour forward. 

* Starting from October 27, the EU prime time will change to 18:00 – 22:00 UTC 
* Starting from November 3, the NA prime time will change to 00:30 – 04:30 UTC

Prime Times:
*  ASIA 11:30 – 15:30 UTC
*  CIS 16:00 – 20:00 UTC
*  EU 17:00 – 21:00 UTC
*  NA 23:30 – 03:30 UTC

During the Crash Zone Alpha Season, players can earn expendable camos, signals, commemorative achievements, and up to 11,000 Steel!

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