0.8.5 Rogue Wave In-Game Infernal Event

UPDATED: June 20, 2019

ADDED: More Info and Ships

"Rogue Wave" a new event with a post-apocalyptic theme.
The battle involves four teams of three players each with squads allowed. Participation is limited to special ships,  destroyers in special forms divided into three different categories:
Rogue Wave
The power of a once great civilisation is now its history, and the glorious city lies in ruins, destroyed and flooded. These toxic seas are all yours now: join the battle and become a top combatant in the fight for Fuel Tokens!
The Savage Battle commences on the outskirts of the destroyed city. At the start, your ship has no consumable charges because the world is on the brink of collapse, meaning that everyone is forced to fight for the limited resources. Activate zones that contain bonuses, and collect the charges to replenish your stock of consumables, but watch out, as the opposing teams are on high alert and can attack you from any direction!
Besides your enemies, you also need to watch out for the Wild Fire that’s steadily engulfing the arena. Any ships that linger inside the Wild Fire will continuously lose their HP.

WG have specially modified nine destroyers for the Savage Battle, divided into three classes.
Ships with low detectability, armed with powerful torpedoes to pulverise everyone who would stand in their way. Their main guns function similarly to secondary batteries and are operated by the artificial intelligence that was passed to us from the great ancients. It's noteworthy though, that the main battery is not the Octopuses’ best card.  X Z-52 X Shimakaze X Daring served as the prototypes for this ship class.
Moray Eel
Rely on manoeuvring! Ships of this class will ideally suit fans of aggressive close quarters brawls. Their major advantage is their manoeuvrability and powerful propulsion. Powerful main guns are operated by artificial intelligence, while the torpedoes deal moderate damage and are, in fact, slow. Destroyers  X Yueyang X Gearing,  X Kléber (a French Tier X destroyer that’s undergoing tests at the moment and will appear in game in the near future) were taken as the basis for the Moray Eel-class ships.
Take control over the ruinous winds! Expect high speeds, direct operation of their main battery guns, and torpedoes with moderate characteristics. While designing these ships, the engineers had their eyes on  X Harugumo X Grozovoi X Khabarovsk.

MESSER (Z-52) SEA DEVIL (Shimakaze) STEALTHEDO (Daring)
CARNAL (Yueyang) LANCET (Gearing) RUMBLE (Kléber)
MIZU-JET (Harugumo) ATOMIC RAGE (Grozovoi) SEASCYTHE (Khabarovsk)
Compared to the original ships, the characteristics of the in-event ships have been specifically changed for the new mode.

Also added nine new commanders, decorated in the post-apocalyptic theme.

All ships are equipped with consumable Repair Party and can be additionally equipped with Smoke Generator, Hydroacoustic Search, Torpedo Reload Booster, Main Battery Reload Booster or Engine Boost.

Players will start the battle without charges of consumables and will be able to replenish charges with the activation of special zones, which will give either one charge of “Repair Party” equipment or one charge of a random consumable available on the ship.

Battles will take place on a new map, specifically created for the new event. The safe zone of the battle will gradually contract and all ships behind it will receive constant damage. The winner of the battle is the team that survives the longest. Also added special camouflages dedicated to the event, new containers, and a temporary resource.

The new port has been added to the game specifically for this event.


The rules of Rogue Wave are similar to those of the previous in-game events: there is one Stage available consisting of four Directives, with each containing ten missions. You’ll earn Fuel Tokens, various in-game items, and a new expendable camouflage for completing special combat missions and Directives in the new game mode.

Fuel Tokens are a new temporary resource that you can earn by playing Savage Battles, intended specifically for the Rogue Wave event. You can exchange your Fuel Tokens in the Armory for Post-Apocalyptic camouflages, credits, Premium Account, and a special reward—a new Premium ship. Which one, you ask? We prefer to keep the suspense until the last minute, and will share the details with you shortly before the upcoming Update’s release!
If the Post-Apocalypse catches your fancy then you can keep the permanent camouflages for the following Tier X destroyers as souvenirs: Z-52, Shimakaze, Daring, Yueyang, Gearing, Grozovoi, Harugumo, and Khabarovsk. These camos can be purchased with doubloons.

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