November 05, 2019

Veteran Player Return Code: Get a Free Warspite Worth 6500 Doubloons After 1 game and Lots More Freebies, Return Now World of Warships

Veteran Player return Code

Why return to World of Warships?
  • New ships, many of them giveaways in simple missions or bought with resources given to you for just playing the game, more and more ships are added to the game in nearly every Update.
  • Fast French Destroyers have just entered the game,
  • Italian Cruisers with new SAP ammunition, will be with us soon.
  • Another good reason for returning, is the ship we all want to own, The Premium Tier VI HMS Warspite or if you already own the Warspite, you will be compensated with Credits, this is your baby, free after playing just one game in any Tier VI ship, along with a vast array of other free goodies including 2 x Supercontainers for playing 25 battles, 
  • Read the poster below, check out all the freebies that are waiting for you.
Happy returned players:

HOW DO I return and get all the freebies?
The last battle you played on World of Warships must have been 90 days ago or more.
Login to your game account (DO NOT PLAY A BATTLE), On the top menu bar, click on "PROFILE" the last battle played is shown on the left top. See Image Below:
Now close the game and follow the instructions below carefully.

Below, you will find a poster, FULLY READ IT!, and click the appropriate button below the poster for the region that you wish to play in, for instance, if you are living in Canada, USA or South America, you would choose NA (North America) if you live in Europe, you would obviously choose EU, Russia and surrounding countries, choose CIS, If you live anywhere in Asia, then Asia is your choice.

90 Day Absent Veteran Player Return Code

A special deal is running at the moments for players that return to the NA server.

The Return Code is locked into the Button you click above, 
The Return code contains the rewards assigned to you once you return and play your first battle, so please do not divert from the World of Warships portal page you were sent too after clicking the initial button above, or you will be disappointed and receive nothing.
The last battle you played on World of Warships must have been 90 or more days ago.

I need help!!
If you need assistance, click the comment button below, and chat to me in the Facebook-Group, I am not always there, but I will get an alert and reply ASAP.

Good luck, Have Fun and Fair Seas Captain!