Bonus Code: Gives you 1x Tactical Special Container Plus more for EU - NA - Asia

Bonus Code: Gives you 1x Tactical Special Container Plus More for EU - NA - Asia

According to what I have read, For the right people, you can also get the following extras.
If you are a new player in the World of Warships, you will also get a Premium Cruiser Emden, 7 days of Premium Account, doubloons, credits, various boosts, and more.
And if you play 15 battles, you will be able to choose one of Tier IV Tech tree Ships to speed up your progress!

The bonus code will give you the following items:

⚓1x Tactical Special Container
⚓Plus other various rewards for certain players
Click your region button above to activate this bonus code on the World of Warships redeem code page, be sure that you are logged into the portal to claim your reward, then log in to the game.

I have no idea when this code will end.
How to redeem your Bonus Code, Click the image below


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