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Discord Christmas 2022 Advent Calendar - Daily Free Giveaways

As December rolls around, the holiday season is officially kicking off at the World of Warships Discord server, from now until December 24, you could be one of the lucky players to win a gift.

WG will be randomly distributing one or more fantastic gifts in the form of rare and Premium containers to authenticated members of our official Discord.

2022 Discord Advent Calendar [UTC] Ends

How to participate

If you’re not already a member of WG's Discord server, you’ll first need to join and authenticate your account. To do so, you must accept WG's invitation via the button below. Once you do, you should receive a personal message from the Wargaming.net with instructions on how to authenticate your account.


{getButton} $text={Join WG Discord} $icon={link} $color={green}

If you’re already a member but have not authenticated yet, you can summon the Wargaming.net bot again by typing !auth in the #discord-arrivals channel.

Authenticated members will then just need to go to the #advent-calendar channel. Every day, this channel will be updated one or more times with a festive green “Enter” button to take part in individual random giveaways, so be sure to check back daily for more info!

Gifts will be credited to the winning players’ accounts within a week of the winners of each daily random giveaway being announced.

Authenticate, participate, and good luck, Captains!


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