HNLMS Tromp - Dutch Tier X Large Destroyer 1938

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flagshipicon HNLMS Tromp - Dutch Tier X Large Destroyer 1938

A large destroyer leader armed with 150 mm artillery, officially listed as a light cruiser in the Netherlands Navy.

HNLMS Tromp Commemorative Flag.
The ship inherited the name and coat of arms from the famous Dutch admirals of the 17th century— Maarten Tromp and his son Cornelis Tromp. Maarten Tromp was knighted by King Louis XIII for his victory at the Battle of the Downs.
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 Key Features

Key Features

Tromp has access to a wide range of weapons, allowing her to resort to varied tactics in battle. The basis of the ship's firepower is her large-calibre (for the ship type) main battery with a good firing range, which is capable of inflicting significant damage to other destroyers or even larger ships. Tromp is equipped with torpedoes with medium speed, damage, and range, but a fast reload time, as well as a notably lower count of torpedoes per spread than that of most other destroyers at this Tier.
In addition to torpedoes, the destroyer's arsenal also includes an HE Bomb Airstrike, previously seen only on Dutch cruisers. Tromp's Airstrike has a short maximum range, but a fast reload time.
The ship has good concealment and is able to quietly sneak up on the enemy to effectively use Airstrikes or torpedoes. When engaging in gunnery combat or when capturing points, you should take into account that the destroyer does not have a smoke generator. The destroyer's consumable supply is limited to an Engine Boost, which will help at the right time to temporarily increase the ship's otherwise low speed.
 HNLMS Tromp Info

HNLMS Tromp Info

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Ship Name: flagshipicon X HNLMS Tromp
Tier: 10
Paper ship: No
Class: Tromp class
WG introduction: August 5, 2022
Status: shipicon Special Ship
Ship release:  ~0.11.10
0.11.11 Purchase cost: resource 34,950 doubloons or coal 238,000 Coal
Nation: flag Netherlands
Current development status: Released


Hit Points: 24,500 hp
Armour: 6-30 mm
Fore Athwartships: 20-30 mm
Aft Athwartships: 20 mm
Armor Belt: 30 mm
Superstructure: 13 mm
Armor Deck Slopes: 25-30 mm
Turret Plating: 15-25 mm
Tonnage: 4,817
 Main Battery Armament

Main Battery Armament

3 × 2 150 mm/50 Mk.11 on a Mk.11 mount:
Max Range: 13.3 km
Reload: 5.2 s
Minimum Shell Type Switching Time: 5.5 s
180° Turn Time: 15.0 s
Dispersion at Max Range: 114 m
Sigma: 2.00σ

Shell Types:

HE Shells: 6x 150 mm Brisantgranaat:
Alpha Damage: 2150
HE Max Damage per Salvo: 12,900
HE Max DPM: 148,846
Ammo Type: High Explosive
Alpha Piercing HE: 30.0 mm
Shell Air Drag: 0.2841
Shell Always Ricochet At: 60.0°
Normalization: 8.0°
Shell Detonator: 0.01
Shell Detonator Threshold: 2.0
Shell Diameter: 150 mm
Shell Krupp: 1150.0
Shell Mass: 46.0 kg
Shell Ricochet 91.0°
Velocity: 900.0 m/s
Burn Probability: 11%
AP Shells: 6x 150 mm Pantsergranaat:
Alpha Damage: 3000
AP Max Salvo: 18,000
AP Max DPM: 207,692
Ammo Type: Alpha Piercing
Shell Air Drag: 0.2884
Shell Always Ricochet At: 60.0°
Normalization: 8.5°
Shell Detonator: 0.025
Shell Detonator Threshold: 25.0 mm
Shell Diameter: 150 mm
Shell Krupp: 2200.0
Shell Mass: 46.7 kg
Shell Ricochet At: 45.0°
Velocity: 900.0 m/s
torpedoes Torpedoes


2 x 3 533 mm/53,3-cm torpeda:
Reload:  70.0 s
180° Turn Time:  7.2 s
Range:  12.0 km
Damage:  15,000 hp
Speed:  71 kts
Visibility Distance:  1.3 km
Torpedo flood chance increased: 249%
Enemy response time after spotting these torps: 7.04 s
Anti Aircraft Defence

Anti Aircraft Defence

Mid Range:
4 × 1 76 mm/50 Mk22 on a single mount:
2 × 1 40 mm/56 OQF on a Boffin mount:
2 × 2 40 mm/56 Bofors Model 1936 on a Hazemeyer mount:
Firing range:  3.5 km
Hit Probability:  100 %
Damage by Zone Area AA:  249
Action Zone:  0.1 - 3.5 km
Short Range:
2 x 2 20 mm Oerlikon Mk.II on a Mk.V mount:
2 x 1 20 mm Oerlikon Mk.I on a Mk.IIA mount:
Firing range:  2.0 km
Hit Probability:  95 %
Damage by Zone Area AA:  46
Action Zone:  0.1 - 2.0 km
depthcharge HE Bomb Airstrike

HE Bomb Airstrike

Available flights:  2
Number of aircraft in attacking flight:  12
Aircraft HP:  2200
Maximum range:  10 km
Reload time: 60 s
Bombs in payload:  6 × P.U.W 25 KG
Max damage: 3700
HE Bomb penetration: 21.0 mm
Chance of fire: 21%
HE Bomb Airstrike drop distance: 1.5 km
depthcharge Depth Charges

Depth Charges

Maximum damage: 2000
Charges: 2
Bombs per charge: 6
Reload time: 40 s
Chance of fire: 11%
Chance of flood: 12%


Maximum speed: 33.5 knots
Turning circle radius: 720 m
Rudder shift time: 5.3 s
Propulsion: 56,000 hp


Surface Detectability: 7.3 km
Air Detectability: 3.7 km
Detectability by depths: 0-3.7 km
Detectability after Firing Main Guns in Smoke:  3.2 km
Available Consumables

Available Consumables

Slot 1Damage Control Party
Charges:  infinite.
Action Time:  5 s.
Reload Time:  40 s.
Slot 2Emergency Engine Power consumable
Charges:  4
Speed bonus: +25%
Action Time 60 s
Cooldown: 100 s
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change at any time.

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