Clan Battles Season 18 "Sirenidae." Rules - Rewards - Times and Dates - All Regions (New Restrictions Added September 21st)

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Clan Battles Season 18 "Sirenidae." Rules - Rewards - Times and Dates - All Regions

Update 0.11.7. kicks off Season 18 of Clan Battles. It's named "Sirenidae." Sirenidae, or "sirens," are amphibious predators found in the South-eastern United States. They hunt for molluscs, prawns, and small fish. As opposed to other salamanders, which is the order they belong to, sirens can emit sounds. They're named after creatures from Greek mythology who lured sailors to a certain death.
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New Ship Restrictions

See what new restrictions WG are applying to the ongoing 18th Clan Battles Season.

Based on analysis of battles as well as player feedback from the current Clan Battles season, WG decided to make some changes to the ship limitations in place.

The following changes will take effect on September 21:

  • Restrictions on the number of ships:
    • Limited the number of VIII Cherbourg or VIII Bayard. One team may not have more than two of these ships in total.
Win Clan Battles to earn valuable rewards such as Steel, Oil, days of Warships Premium Account, combat signals, Level 4 expendable bonuses, and a Clan Token. The more victories you achieve, the more rewards you'll earn.

Regional Times

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Clan Battles 18 "Sirenidae" [UTC]

Game Maps and Modes

Ring, New Dawn, Islands of Ice, Trident, Loop, Haven, and Crash Zone Alpha.
1 / 7
2 / 7
New Dawn
3 / 7
Islands of Ice
4 / 7
5 / 7
6 / 7
7 / 7
Crash Zone Alpha


Format: 6 vs. 6 playing Tier VIII ships.
Gaming sessions are available on: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.
On the days of any update releases, Clan Battles are held only during the Prime Time of your server.
Battles on all maps are fought in Domination mode.
The following rules apply for all maps:
  • Number of Key Areas: 3
  • Capture time: 30 seconds
  • Scoring capture points: 3 points every 4 seconds

Restrictions on Ship Numbers

Just like in previous seasons, certain restrictions on the numbers of specific ships per team apply in Clan Battles.
The restrictions can be set for the entire duration of a season or for specific periods of time. For example, they might be set after the first 2 weeks of a season then replaced with different restrictions a few weeks later. This allows us to promptly react to the current state of the season.
Season 18 begins with the following restrictions:
  • Aircraft carriers are not allowed in battles.
  • No more than one battleship per team.
  • No more than three mercenaries per Division.
These restrictions allow us to diversify the gameplay and increase the variety of setups in the season.
New Restrictions added.

Based on analysis of battles as well as player feedback from the current Clan Battles season, WG decided to make some changes to the ship limitations in place.

The following changes will take effect on August 31:

  • Restrictions on the number of ships:
    • No more than one  image VIII Le Fantasque or either one  PREMIUM DESTROYER VIII Le Terrible in a team and never both ships in a team.
    • No more than one  image VIII Kiev per team.
  • Ship bans:  shipicon VIII Lenin and   VIII Vladivostok.


Due to changes to the in-game economy implemented in Update 0.11.6, as well as in response to your feedback, WG have revised the available rewards for Clan Battles. You can now obtain more Steel, up to steel icon 13,200; more oil icon Oil; and more days of  Warships Premium Account. From the list of rewards, WG have also removed expendable camouflages, Coal, Free XP and Elite XP.
Detailed information about the completion criteria and rewards can be found in the game client.

Clan Treasury

Clans with Ranks 1–50 in the Global Rating will receive from 5,000 to 25,000 Steel.
Place in the Global Rating Steel
1 25,000
2 22,500
3 20,000
4 17,500
5–50* 16,250–5,000
* Each following step brings 250 Steel less.
Clans that don't enter the top 50 will receive Steel and Coal for their Treasury at the end of the season. The exact amount depends on their league and group.
League, Group Steel Coal
Hurricane, 1 2,500 25,000
Typhoon, 1 1,500 25,000
Typhoon, 2 1,000 20,000
Typhoon, 3 0 15,000
Storm, 1 0 12,500
Storm, 2 0 10,000
Storm, 3 0 7,500
Gale, 1 0 5,000


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