CIS (RU) Players Opportunity to Transfer to the EU Server - World of Tanks - World of Warships - World of Tanks Blitz

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CIS (RU) Players Opportunity to Transfer to the EU Server - World of Tanks - World of Warships - World of Tanks Blitz

An opportunity for CIS (RU) players that play on the RU server to transfer to the EU server.

To date, the projects World of TanksWorld of Warships and World of Tanks Blitz are operated by two independent companies: in Russia and Belarus - Lesta Games, in all other countries - Wargaming.

The companies continue to work on the separation, and one of the next steps will be the opening of the procedure for transferring game accounts. You will need to make a choice where you want to continue the game:

  • in the RU region operated by Lesta Games;
  • in the EU region, where Wargaming operates.
Please note that in the RU region (Lesta Games) payment methods will be available only for players from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. In other cases, you will only be able to pay in the EU region (Wargaming).

The transfer procedure is scheduled to be launched in September, but you can find more detailed information for each of the projects right now:

During this transition period, the companies will still collaborate with each other in good faith where appropriate within the scope of their new relationship. We currently do not foresee any significant service interruptions resulting from the separation, though while we are in the transition period players will continue to see some cross-regional features in World of Warships as we gradually adjust our workflows to this new reality. Our new office in Belgrade will help facilitate a disruption-free transition of processes and operations.

The operation of World of Warplanes in the RU-region from December 13, 2022 will cease, it will be possible to continue playing the project only by transferring the account to the EU-region. The launch of the transfer procedure is also scheduled for September - learn more.

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