Clan Battles Season 17 "Cayman." Rules - Rewards - Times and Dates - All Regions (Updated Restrictions)


Clan Battles Season 17 "Cayman." Rules - Rewards - Times and Dates - All Regions

Clan Battles Season 17 kicks off during Update 0.11.4. It's named "Cayman."
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The Cayman is a dangerous reptile that inhabits the swamps, rivers, and lakes of America. They are nocturnal predators that are often at the top of the food chain in their ecosystems. The trunk of the world tree was depicted as an upright Cayman in Mesoamerican mythology.

Clan Battles offer an excellent opportunity to show off your skills in World of Warships. It's not only the results of individual battles that are important here but also general progress. Fight alongside your allies and rise to the top!

Just like in previous seasons, any player who fights in a Clan, Co-op, Ranked, or Random Battle playing a Tier VIII–X ship or Supership will be given a set of three special Tier X ships for temporary use: X Gearing, X Yamato, and X Zaō.

Win Clan Battles to earn valuable rewards such as Steel, Coal, camouflages, special signals, Clan Tokens, and much more. The more victories you achieve, the more rewards you'll earn.


Clan Battles Season 17 [UTC]
The times above are based on the overall start and end times for all regions of Clan Battles, each region has their own start and end times, click on the 'POST LINK' above to see the start and end time for your region.


Format: 7 vs. 7 playing Tier X ships and superships.

Rewards: Up to 11,000 Steel and loads of other rewards.

Maps and modes: Sea of Fortune, Tears of the Desert, Mountain Range, Neighbors, Warrior's Path, Loop. Battles on all maps are fought in Domination mode. 

The following rules apply for all maps:

  • Number of Key Areas: 3
  • Capture time: 30 seconds
  • Scoring capture points: 3 points every 4 seconds

On the days of any update releases, Clan Battles are held only during the Prime Time of your server.

Restrictions on Ship Numbers

Just like in previous seasons, certain restrictions on the numbers of specific ships per team apply in Clan Battles.

The restrictions can be set for the entire duration of a season or for specific periods of time. For example, they might be set after the first 2 weeks of a season then replaced with different restrictions a few weeks later. This allows us to promptly react to the current state of the season.

Season 17 begins with the following restrictions:

  • Aircraft carriers are not allowed in battles.
  • No more than one battleship per team.
  • No more than two superships per team.
  • No more than three mercenaries per Division.

The following changes will take effect on June 29: (NEW)
  • Removed the ban on X Petropavlovsk and X Kleber
  • However, teams can have no more than one X Petropavlovsk and no more than two X Kleber per battle
  • New restrictions: teams can no longer have more than one Conde and one X Napoli per battle

These restrictions allow us to diversify the gameplay and increase the variability of setups in the season.

Aircraft carriers are not allowed in the current season. In future seasons, however, carriers will take their rightful place in Clan Battles again.

During the season, based on statistics, new restrictions may be added and existing restrictions may be changed. We will announce the changes separately on our Development Blog. Information about any changes will also be available in the game client.


Detailed information about the completion criteria and rewards can be found in the game client.


As an experiment for a single chain of combat missions, WG have decided to let players in the Storm League choose their own reward—either 30 days of Warships Premium Account or 15,000 Coal.
You can choose your reward under the Combat Missions tab. If no reward is selected, the first suggested reward—30 days of Warships Premium Account—will automatically be credited after the mission chain is completed.

Clan Treasury

Clans with Ranks 1–50 in the Global Rating will receive from 5,000 to 25,000 Steel.

Place in the Global Rating Steel
1 25,000
2 22,500
3 20,000
4 17,500
5–50* 16,250–5,000

*Each following step brings 250 Steel less.

Clans that don't enter the top 50 will receive Steel and Coal for their Treasury at the end of the season. The exact amount depends on their league and group.

League, Group Steel Coal
Hurricane, 1 2,500 25,000
Typhoon, 1 1,500 25,000
Typhoon, 2 1,000 20,000
Typhoon, 3 0 15,000
Storm, 1 0 12,500
Storm, 2 0 10,000
Storm, 3 0 7,500
Gale, 1 0 5,000

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