Java Researchable Dutch Tier III Light Cruiser 1925


Dutch Flag cruiser Java Researchable Dutch Tier III Light Cruiser 1925

A fast cruiser with 150 mm artillery mounted on the deck. The Java-class warships, were laid down in the mid-1910s. Their combat characteristics were similar to those of cruisers of the World War I period.

Ship Details:
Ship Name:  Dutch Flagresearchable cruiser III Java
Tier:  III (3)
Paper ship:  No
Class:  Light Cruiser
WG introduction:  April 8th, 2021
Status:  researchable cruiser Researchable Ship
Ship release:  ~0.10.6
Resource purchase:  Ship XP2,200 Credits250,000
Nation when final:  Dutch Flag Netherlands
Current status:  Released

Hit points:  24500.
Overall:  6~125 mm.

Main Battery:
10 × 1 150 mm/50 Bofors Мк.6
Firing Range:  12.7 km.
Reload Time:  10.5 s.
180 Degree Turn Time:  22.5 s.
Maximum Dispersion:  121 m.
Sigma Value:  2.0σ.
HE Shells:
10 x 150 mm HE Brisantgranaat:
Maximum HE shell damage:  2150.
Alpha Piercing HE:  25.0 mm.
Shell Air Drag:  0.284.
Shell Always Ricochet At:  60.0°.
Normalization:  8.0°.
Shell Detonator:  0.001.
Shell Detonator Threshold:  2.0.
Shell Diameter:  150 mm.
Shell Krupp:  1150.0.
Shell Mass:  46.0.
Shell Ricochet At:  91.0°.
HE Shell initial velocity:  900.0 m/s.
Chance of causing fire:  11.0%.
AP Shells:
10 x 150 mm AP Pantsergranaat:
Maximum AP shell damage:  3000.
Shell Air Drag:  0.2884.
Shell Always Ricochet At:  45°/60°.
Normalization:  8.5°.
Shell Detonator:  0.025.
Shell Detonator Threshold:  25.0 mm.
Shell Diametr:  150 mm.
Shell Krupp:  2200.0.
Shell Mass:  46.7.
Shell Ricochet At:  45.0°.
AP Shell initial velocity:  900.0 m/s.

AA Defence:
Mid Range:
4 × 1 75 mm/55 Wilton-Fijenoord Mk4:
Action Zone:  3.0 km.
Hit Probability:  90 %.
Continuous Damage Per Second:  112.
Close Range:
4 × 1 12.7 mm/80 Browning:
Action Zone:  1.5 km.
Hit Probability:  85 %.
Continuous Damage Per Second:  70.

Maximum speed:  33.0 kts.
Turning circle radius:  570 m.
Rudder shift time:  7.2 s.
Propulsion:  65000.

Surface detectability:  9.7 km.
Air detectability:  4.9 km.
Detectability after firing main guns in smoke:  4.3 km.

Slot 1: Damage Control Party:
Charges:  Infinite.
Action time:  5 s.
Reload time:  60 s.

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