Latest Memorable Flags - Dog Tags Including Descriptions

Latest Memorable Flags - Dog Tags Including Descriptions

The latest Flags and Dog Tags, including descriptions used by WG. In some cases the description may change before release.
Flags will usually mean the ship you want to purchase will be at an extra cost, sometimes quite a hefty price difference.

DESTROYER DRUIDDruid Memorable Flag
The sacred symbol of Triquetra is inscribed on numerous runestones scattered over the British Isles. It embodied the Sun and its main provisions being sunrise, zenith and sunset. The Irish Celts believed the Triquetra to be the symbol of Manannán mac Lir, the mighty ruler of the seas capable of sparking storms and destroying intruder ships.
CRUISER NAPOLINapoli Memorable Flag
Since the early XIV century, when the Kingdom of Naples was under the reign of the Angevin dynasty, the city of Naples came to be symbolized by a combination of the gold and red colours. In 1866, the shield depicted on the coat of arms of Naples was stamped with a turreted city crown, a heraldic symbol of "municipal independence".
BATTLESHIP CONSTELLATIONConstellation Memorable Flag
The first ship of the same name in the U.S. Navy in 1797 was named in honour of the "New Constellation of Stars" on the flag of the United States. The frigate had served until 1853 when the name "Constellation" passed over to a new sloop-of-war that served with the Navy until 1955. Today, it's a museum ship stationed in Baltimore, Maryland.
ise-flagTone  Memorable Flag
The Tone River is one of the three largest rivers in Japan. Japanese dragons are wingless water deities. That's why the Gold Dragon crowns the warship sailing the seas.
ise-flagIse  Memorable Flag
Ise is one of Japan's historic provinces that is home to the Ise Grand Shrine, which is the most important Shinto shrine in the country. The flag depicts the emblem of the Isu Grand Shrine.
Tiger '59 flagTiger '59 Memorable Flag
In the history of the Royal Navy, 15 ships were named Tiger. In 1944–1945 three cruisers that were being built changed that name. She entered service in 1959. Tiger's side number was C20.
Weimar FlagWeimar Memorable Flag
After the fall of the monarchy in Germany in 1919, the Weimar Constitution declared Germany to be a republic. It was suggested to replace the flag of the navy by a new state eagle and the Iron Cross, but this was rejected.
Vampire II flagVampire II Memorable Flag
A Daring-class destroyer, served in the Royal Australian Navy from 1950s to mid-1980s. One of the legendary Australian ships. The ship's badge is a bat. It's realistically depicted on the official badge and stylized on the unofficial one.
austinAustin Memorable Flag
The coat of arms of Austin, the capital city of Texas, contains an image of a lamp of knowledge that symbolizes the largest university. The shield in the flag colours is crowned with a Latin cross from the private coat of arms of Stephen Austin, the "Father of Texas."
Marco Polo FlagMarco Polo Memorable Flag
The most iconic and distinctive image of traveller Marco Polo in the world culture is a portrait of the middle of 19th century on a mosaic from Genoa.
Dog TagGeneral Quarters Dog Tag
Issued to a participant of the memorable event on May 9, 2021.
Dog TagTo the fallen soldiers of the great wars Dog Tag
April 25 is a solemn day of public remembrance in Australia and New Zealand of those who served and died in all wars and conflicts.

Please note! that all information in this post is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published stated as FINAL on our WGB website.

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