WoWs 5th Anniversary ● First-Victory Bonuses ● “Five Epochs of the Navy” Campaign and Collection


WoWs 5th Anniversary

As WG cross the threshold of our fifth year, we're marking the occasion by offering you an array of gifts and fresh in-game activities.
Join the celebrations by entering the updated Designer’s Table Port, which has changed a lot over the past year and become even more festive, WG have added a cake, postcards, confetti, and ribbons creatively scattered on the table. The collection of ship models has also been updated with new representatives!


Countdown Countdown

First-Victory Bonuses

Be sure to take a careful look at your ship carousel. Ships with a first-victory bonus applied will be marked with a special symbol. During Update 0.9.8, players will be able to receive a festive bonus for their first victories playing specific ships in Random, Co-op, Ranked, and Asymmetric Battles, as well as in Operations.
List of Rewards
  • Tiers V–VII: 2x World of Warships Anniversary camouflages
  • Tier VIII: 1x Gift container
  • Tier IX: 2x Gift containers
  • Tier X: 1x Supercontainer
You could possibly win one of the following ships in the Supercontainers.
 VII Poltava
 V Mikoyan
 VII Gorizia
 VIII Cheshire
 VIII Indomitable
 VI London
 VIII Mainz
 VII California
 VIII Ochakov
 VI Admiral Makarov
 V Kirov
 VIII Orkan
 VIII Champagne
 VIII Piotr Bagration
 IV Imperator Nikolai I
 V Gremyashchy
 V Kamikaze
 V Fūjin
 V Giulio Cesare
 VII Belfast
 VIII Mikhail Kutuzov
 VIII Enterprise
 IX Missouri
 IX Musashi
 IX Kronshtadt
 IX Benham
 IX Georgia
 IX Jean Bart
 IX Alaska
 IX Azuma
 IX Friesland
 VIII Graf Zeppelin
 VIII Roma
 VIII Vanguard
 VIII Massachusetts
 VIII Tirpitz
 VIII Gascogne
 VIII Alabama
 VIII Irian
 VIII Wichita
 VIII Lenin
 VIII Saipan
 VIII Kaga
 VIII Prinz Eugen
 VIII Bayard
 VIII Atago
 VIII Cossack
 VIII Le Terrible
 VIII Asashio
 VIII Kidd
 VIII Loyang
 VII Duca degli Abruzzi
 VII Nelson
 VII Duke of York
 VII Hood
  VII Scharnhorst
 VII Ashitaka
 VII Atlanta
 VII Nueve de Julio
 VII Boise
 VII Lazo
 VII Indianapolis
 VII Yūdachi
 VII Z-39
 VII Haida
 VII Leningrad
 VII Sims
 VII Błyskawica
 VI W. Virginia 1941
 VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich
 VI Duca d'Aosta
 VI Arizona
 VI Mutsu
 VI Warspite
 VI Ark Royal
 VI De Grasse
 VI T-61
 VI Dunkerque
 VI Huanghe
 VI Perth
 VI Admiral Graf Spee
 VI Aigle
 VI Monaghan
 VI Molotov
 VI Gallant
 VI Anshan
 V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
 V Viribus Unitis
 V Genova
 V Texas
 V Exeter
 V Yahagi
 V Marblehead Lima
 V Marblehead
 V Murmansk
 V Krasny Krym
 V Hill
 V Siroco
 V Okhotnik

A Gift container holds five special signals of the same type (Dragon, Red Dragon, Wyvern, Ouroboros, Hydra, Basilisk, Scylla, or Leviathan).

You can receive the first-victory bonus for each ship only once during Update 0.9.8. The bonuses will also be applied to ships purchased, bought back, or dropped from containers during Update 0.9.8.

“Five Epochs of the Navy” Campaign

The new permanent Campaign comprises 50 tasks grouped into five missions, each of which is dedicated to a specific shipbuilding epoch. To finish the Campaign, you'll need to complete tasks playing ships of various tiers: starting from Tier II–IV ships for the first mission, and progressing to Tiers VIII–X for the final mission. Most of the tasks must be completed playing certain ships related to the history of the navy. For example, some of the tasks of the first mission are inspired by the development of battleship building technologies and should be completed playing battleships of this era, such as III South Carolina, III Kawachi, IV Gangut, or III Dreadnought—all of which contributed to the adoption of the name given to this period of naval history.

However, you can complete the Campaign, collect all the containers of the new collection, and obtain the final reward by completing the first three tasks of each mission playing any ships of the relevant tiers.
The reward for completing the Campaign is an Epoch permanent camouflage, which can be mounted on any one Tier IX ship, except for IX AL Sov. Rossiya.

The first mission will become available with the release of Update 0.9.8, while those that follow will be unlocked each week.
Please note: you can complete tasks of each mission multiple times. This will allow you to continue earning Stars with each completion, but you'll receive the reward for completing the task for the first time only.

"Five Epochs of the Navy" Collection

Update 0.9.8 ushers in the "Five Epochs of the Navy" collection, which comprises five sections with six elements in each. Each section is dedicated to a specific period in the naval history of the first half of the 20th century—from ships of the dreadnought era to those of World War II and the post-war years. Having completed the entire collection, you'll have learned about the construction history, design features, and fates of prominent representatives of each shipbuilding epoch.

The reward for completing each section is 1 day of Warships Premium Account. The reward for completing the entire collection is an Epoch permanent camouflage.

Elements of the collection can only be obtained from the containers of the same name. The exchange rate for duplicate elements is 1:1. To exchange duplicates, you need to select a vacant slot in a collection section and confirm that you want to exchange your duplicates for the missing item in the window that appears.
You can obtain 30 "Five Epochs of the Navy" containers by completing tasks of the same-name Campaign. You can also obtain containers for participating in the official World of Warships streams! To do so, activate bonus codes given during the streams and then complete special combat missions.

A "Five Epochs of the Navy" container includes:
  • One element of the "Five Epochs of the Navy" collection.
  • 1x World of Warships Anniversary camouflage.
  • One of the following items: 2x signals of the same type (Zulu, Papa Papa, Equal Speed Charlie London or India Bravo Terrathree); or 500 Free XP; or 50,000 credits.



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