Ranked Battles: Season 17 - Tier VIII - 7 v 7 - Date Times Rewards

Ranked Battles: Season 17 - Tier VIII - 7 v 7

Key Rules of the Season

Countdown Countdown
Format: 7 vs. 7 playing Tier VIII ships
Maps: Greece, Northern Waters, Haven, Mountain Range, Loop, Trident, and Hotspot
  • Players earn the Stars needed to climb the ranking ladder by winning battles.
  • At the majority of ranks, a defeat means a lost Star. The player with the most base XP in a team doesn't lose a star upon a defeat.
  • Those who are new to Ranked Battles will start the Season from Rank 18.
  • Those who participated in the previous Season will receive bonus Stars after the first battle of the current Season: one for each rank attained in the previous Season.


    The available rewards, as well as the formats of Ranked Battles, differ from season to season. For the current Season, victories can bring you up to 4,800 Steel; 2,750 doubloons; one Ranked Token; and many other rewards.

    Once the season ends, all players at Rank 15 or higher will receive a commemorative flag.
    League Flags reduce the cost of servicing your ships by 10% or 20% until the end of the Season. Flags awarded for joining Leagues will be removed from player accounts at the end of the season.


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