NA Recruit Your Friends Day - Premium Ship Prizes including Tier IX Rare Ship Missouri

Recruit Your Friends Day NA - Premium Ship Prizes including Tier IX Rare Ship Missouri

The seas can be a lonely and dangerous place—it’s best to bring a good friend or two! In honor of Friends Day, inviting friends means chances to win some great prizes, such as Missouri, Jean Bart, or special containers that drop random Premium ships.
Recruit new friends via the Recruiting Station. When your friends play battles, you all have chances to win some ships! There’s even a guaranteed prize of Recruiting Station camouflages.

Starts: Mon. Jul. 20 3:00 AM PT / Mon. Jul. 20 10:00 AM  UTC
Ends: Mon. Aug. 03 9:00 PM PT / Tue. Aug. 04 4:00 AM  UTC
Prizes handed out by: Thu. Aug. 13 3:00 AM PT / Thu. Aug. 13 10:00 AM UTC

How to Win

When one of your new Shipmates earns 2,000 base XP, you’ll earn 20 points. Each 100 base XP after that will reward you with 1 additional point. At the end of the contest, all the points will be tallied. The winning Recruiters will receive a prize, and so will all new Shipmates who earned at least 2,000 base XP prior to the end of the event.

Prizes for Recruits and Shipmates

Didn’t make it into the top 10? Don’t worry—you still have a chance to win! We’ll hold a raffle for all players who earned points. The more points you have, the more entries you’ll receive.

Recruit prize pool

Shipmate prize pool

Note: a player may win only one raffle prize. Guaranteed reward: any Recruiter or Shipmate who reaches 20 points will receive five Recruiting Station camouflages.

Already recruited your friends?
Don’t worry, we have something for you too! For the duration of this contest we’re doubling the Recruitment Points you get for playing in Divisions with your Shipmates. Get together with your friends, sink some ships, and reap the rewards!

ScenarioRecruiter’s Reward
(Recruitment Points)
Shipmate’s Reward
(Recruitment Points)
Play a battle with 1 shipmate3610
Play a battle with 1 shipmate and win5220
Play a battle with 2 shipmates4410
Play a battle with 2 shipmates and win6820
Shipmate plays a battle20
* Weekly cap: 3000 Recruitment Points


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