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Clan Battles IX: Warrior's Path Season

With aircraft carriers now being able to take part in Clan Battles, we've introduced a new restriction for the current Season: a Clan must make a choice between entering battle with either one aircraft carrier or one battleship.

* WG realise that the presence of carriers has the potential to greatly affect the gameplay of Clan Battles. We'll watch the results of the Season closely and make decisions about the further development of this battle type based on our observations.

Please note: during this Season, unlike the previous ones, there will NOT be a discount for resetting Commander skills. Resetting Commander skills at the beginning of Clan Battles was previously required due to carriers being disallowed. In that situation, Commander skills had to be adjusted accordingly.



Countdown Countdown

Format: 7 vs. 7 playing Tier X ships
Restrictions: only one aircraft carrier or battleship per team
Rewards: up to 11,000 Steel

Land of Fire, North, Northern Waters, Haven, Tears of the Desert, Crash Zone Alpha, and Warrior's Path

On all maps, the following rules apply:
* Number of Key Areas: 3
* Capture time: 40 seconds
* Scoring capture points: 3 points every 4 seconds
* Gaming sessions are available on: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday
On the days of any update releases, Clan Battles are held only during the prime time of your server.

clan ships
When the Season starts, any player who plays a Clan, Co-op, or Random Battle steering a Tier VIII–X ship, will be given a set of three special Tier X ships for temporary use:
On April 15th you can get
X [Großer Kurfürst]
X [Zaō]
X [Grozovoi]
On April 29th, these will be replaced by
X [Montana]
X [Moskva]
X [Shimakaze]
On May 15th
X [Yamato]
X [Hindenburg]
X [Gearing]


Clans with Ranks 1–50 in the Global Rating will receive between 5,000 and 25,000 Steel.

Clans that don't enter the Top 50 will receive amounts of Steel and Coal in their Treasury that correspond to their League and Group.

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