Hawkins - Tier V British Heavy Cruiser 1919


Hawkins - Tier V British Heavy Cruiser 1919

To take on the German light cruiser ocean raiders, a counter-raider project based on the Town-class ships was created. Given the need for long-range but fast-firing artillery, the ship was equipped with uniform 190 mm guns. HMS Hawkins was laid down in June 1916 and entered service in 1919. Between 1920 and 1928, she operated as the flagship of the 5th Light Cruiser Squadron at the China Station. Between 1928 and 1929, the ship was stationed in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. During World War II, the cruiser was deployed in the secondary theatres of war—the Caribbean, Africa, and India.

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Changes to:
flag  V Hawkins
  • Shell ballistics have been changed. The firing arcs will now be flatter.
  • AP shell penetration increased.
    Changes will be updated on this page June 29
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Hit points:   32,200 hp
Torpedo Damage Protection:   10%
Armour:   6~76 mm
Deck Plating: Aft/Fore:   13 mm. Mid:   16 mm
Hull Plating:   13~51 mm
Citadel Armor:   76 mm
Superstructure:   10 mm
Turret Plating:   25 mm
Propulsion:   60,000 hp
Tonnage:   12,300 tn

Main Battery

7 x 1 190 mm/45 BL Mk VI:
Firing Range:   13.9 km
MB Reload Time:   14.0 s
180 Degree Turn Time:   18.0 s
Maximum Dispersion:   120 m
Sigma Value:   2.0σ

190 mm HE:
Alpha Damage:   3,050
Chance of Fire:   15%
HE Armour Penetration:   31 mm
Shell Velocity:   844 m/s
Air Drag:   0.29
Shell Krupp:   560
Shell Mass:   90.7
190 mm AP:
Alpha Damage:   4,050
Shell Speed:   844 m/s
Air drag:   0.29
Shell Krupp:   2 550
Shell Mass:   90.7
Detonator Threshold:   32 mm


4 x 2 102 mm/45 QF Mk XIX/HE 35 lb
Range:   4.5 km
Speed:   811 m/s
DPS:   1,500
Reload:   3.0 s
COF:   6%
Alpha Piercing HE:   18 mm


2 x 2 533 mm DR Mk II/Mk VII:
As used on Emerald, Icarus, Leander, Jervis.
Maximum Damage:   15,733
Range:   7.0 km
Speed:   59 kts
Reload Time:   53 s
Launcher 180 Degree Turn Time:   7.2 s
Torpedo Detectability:   1.2 km
Probability of causing flooding:   262%
An option to launch individual torpedoes is available.

AA Defence

Long Range

Action Zone:   0.1 - 5.8 km
Hit Probability:   90 %
Damage Within an Explosion:   1050
Continuous Damage Per Second:   60
Number of Explosions Per Salvo:   2

Mid Range

Action Zone:   0.1 - 2.5 km
Hit Probability:   90 %
Area Damage:   126
Continuous Damage Per Second:   36

Short Range

Action Zone:   0.1 - 2.0 km
Hit Probability:   85 %
Area Damage:   21
Continuous Damage Per Second: 6


Maximum Speed:   30.0 kts
Turning Circle Radius:   640 m
Rudder Shift Time:   9.1 s


Surface Detectability:   12.6 km
Air Detectability:   6.4 km
Detectability after Firing Main Guns in Smoke:   6.9 km


Slot 1:  Damage Control Party:
Work Time:   5s.
Reload Time:   90s (60s).
Slot 2:  Repair Party:
Charges:   1 (2).
Action time:   28 s.
Reload time:   120 (80s).
HP per second:   +161 hp.
Slot 3:  Defensive AA.
Charges:   2 (3).
Action time:   40 s.
Reload Time:   120 (80s).
Damage Per Second by AA Defences:   +50%.
Damage Per Second withing the Explosion Radius from Shells Fired from Long Range
AA Defences:   +300%.
Slot 3:  Hydroacoustic Search.
Charges:   2 (3).
Action time:   100 s.
Reload Time:   180 (120s).
Torpedo Detection Range:   3.0 km.
Ship Detection Range:   4.0 km.
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change at any time.

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