Enter the Black Ship Bundle Lottery on NA, Just Redeem the Bonus Code on this Page

Black Friday Bundle Lottery
Will You Take the Black?
Our Black Friday Sale is in full force! The waters in port darken as black ships approach from the horizon -- and one lucky captain can score a whole fleet of them for free!

From now until Mon. Dec. 02 10:00 PM PT, to enter the code DARKNITE ] and redeem it at the Bonus Code in the Redemption page. HERE

Redeem Code Active Until: Mon. Dec. 02 10:00 PM PT
Winner Announced: Wed. Dec. 04 7:00 AM PT

The code DARKNITE ] will will score you a single Shadowlurker Camo, plus a single shot at a random drawing for the ultimate prize - a black ship fleet consisting of:
  • IX Alaska
  • VIII Tirpitz B
  • VIII Atago B
  • VIII Asashio B
  • VIII Massachusetts B
  • VIII Graf Zeppelin B
  • VII Scharnhorst B
  • VII Sims B
  • Port slots
  • Commanders with 12 skill points
  • Commemorative patches and backgrounds
  • Commemorative flags

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