0.8.10 The New Italian Collection “Resolute and Rapid” New R&R Containers. Mediterranean Tokens


0.8.10 The New Italian Collection “Resolute and Rapid”


Update 0.8.10 welcomes a new collection to the game that’s dedicated to the Italian Navy. The words “Resolute and Rapid” refer to the motto of light cruiser Raimondo Montecuccoli “Con risolutezza, con rapidità.” High speed was the hallmark of ships of the Regia Marina, while the Italian sailors' determination and devotion to duty was recognised even by their enemies. The collection consists of four sections, with four elements in each:

* Ships
* Tour of Duty
* Service Medals I
* Service Medals II

The reward for completing the sections is  1 day of Warships Premium Account.

The rewards for completing the entire collection are an achievement and the unique Italian Commander, Luigi Sansonetti, who possesses the following talents:

* Scorched by Fury: activates when you score the High Calibre achievement and reduces the reload time of the main battery guns by 5%.
* Triumphant Haul: activates after you destroy an enemy ship and extends the main battery firing range by 8%. Can be activated once per battle.
* Desperate Resistance: activates after you score 100 main battery shell hit ribbons and prolongs the action time for all consumables by 10%. Can be activated once per battle.


In addition, the Italian Commander boasts two enhanced skills:

* Expert Loader, which accelerates shell type switching by 75% instead of 50%.
* Torpedo Acceleration, which increases torpedo cruising speed by 7 knots instead of 5. At the same time, the reduction of their range remains the same, 20%.
Like the other unique historical Commanders, Luigi Sansonetti has some special customisation: a broad pennant, coloured shell tracers, and a signal flare that’s fired over the ship when a Commander's talent is activated.

Containers with the collection items can be obtained during Update 0.8.10:

* From Daily Shipments
* As a reward for completing Directives of the "Italian Cruisers: Part 2" event
* In the Armory for  Mediterranean Tokens, a new temporary resource
 Mediterranean Tokens will be awarded for completing missions of the Directives and Daily Missions.

Elements of the collection can be obtained from the relevant event containers only. In Update 0.9.4, we're planning to make the Resolute and Rapid containers available in exchange for Coal in the Armory. This will allow you to complete the collection later in case you miss anything during Update 0.8.10 and want to have Commander Luigi Sansonetti in your Port. The cost of the containers will be announced later.

The exchange rate of duplicates for other elements is 4 : 1. After you complete the collection, all duplicates will be automatically exchanged for  15,000 credits.

"Resolute and Rapid" Container:
This container can drop an item from the "Resolute and Rapid" collection, special signals, expendable camouflage patterns, Coal, economic signals, credits, Free XP, and Elite Commander XP. Complete the entire new collection dedicated to Italian cruisers and get a unique Commander called Luigi Sansonetti who boasts three special talents.
Container includes:
* 1x special signal (Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, Hydra, Dragon, Scylla, Leviathan, or Basilisk); or one expendable Regia Marina camouflage.
* 1x expendable Type 59 camouflage; or 600 Coal; or three economic signals (Zulu, Papa Papa, Equal Speed Charlie London, India Bravo Terrathree); or 500 Free XP; or 1,500 Elite Commander XP; or 50,000 credits.
* One collectible item from the "Resolute and Rapid" collection.

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