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May 06, 2019

NAVAL BATTLES: New Missions Damage Counter World of Warships

Naval Battle: New Missions

If you and your clan mates get past the qualifying Preparation mission during the week, you will be able to pit yourselves against other Clans in Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles over the weekend. Win these Engagements and earn stars by completing special missions to take home the biggest possible haul of resources!

An update is coming for Naval Battle, bringing new missions for the Preparation and Engagement stages. Please note: the Preparation stage is still dependent on the number of players in a Clan.

During a period of two weeks from May 6 until May 19, players will be required to cause damage in both Preparation and the Engagement stages
  • Monday-Thursday: Clans complete a mission to qualify for the week’s Engagement.
  • Friday-Sunday: Eligible clans compete against each other.

Clan Registration:
A section titled "Naval Battle" will appear in the Clan tab within the game client, where you can find a calendar with the event’s schedule. A Commander, or their Deputy Commanders will be able to register the Clan for participation in the competition for each coming week.


From 5am Monday till 5am Friday

To earn the right to compete against other Clans in the event, your Clan has to complete a special Clan mission with a set objective of earning a certain amount of base XP.
  • The mission conditions depend on the total size of the Clan.
  • It can be completed from Monday till Thursday in battles of any type, except for Training Battles.
  • The maximum Contribution of each player is limited. Thus, the more active players you have, the easier it will be to achieve the common goal.
  • You can check the progress of the common mission completion, as well as your Contribution towards it, in the Preparation tab in the Naval Battle section. There you can see the date and time until which it’s possible to complete the combat mission.
  • The common combat mission is divided into several parts, the completion of which will bring you Oil.
Once your Clan has completed the mission, a message will be displayed confirming its successful completion. If the Clan doesn't fully complete the mission, it will not receive access to the next stage. However, it will still earn Oil for the progress that's been made.


from 5am Friday till 5am Sunday

On Friday the Preparation stage ends and the Engagement begins! Clans from all servers which have completed the combat mission will compete in Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles from Friday till Sunday.
The missions will be as follows:
  • Cause 10,000 HP of damage
  • Cause 20,000 HP of damage
  • Cause 40,000 HP of damage
  • Cause 60,000 HP of damage
After completing these, each following mission will require players to cause an additional 10,000 HP of damage.
The missions can be completed on ships of any tier in Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles.
The Clan objective is to surpass its opponent by the number of stars earned for completing the missions on the table.
Note that the series of battles counted in the Engagement can be interrupted at any time. If you quit an unfinished battle and interrupt the series of battles by pressing the 'Count Attempt's button, the result of this battle will still be counted as an attempt.
If a player completes a mission, they acquire a star for their Clan, which gains the Clan access to a more complicated mission. An attempt is spent on each battle regardless of its result. Each player has ten attempts only for an Engagement.
An Engagement can end with a victory, draw, or defeat. The result determines the amount of Oil and number of special rating points the Clan receives. These points affect the selection of opponents for the Engagement. The Clan’s rating can be checked out in the relevant tab of the Naval Battle section. This is a non-decreasing rating, the increase of which depends on the success of the Clan in the competition during the Engagement stage.

Oil is the main reward for the Naval Battle competition. It is earned by all participating Clans according to the activity of their participation.
  • Clan can earn up to 800 Oil for the Preparation stage
  • Clan can earn 50 Oil for every 10 stars in the Engagement
  • Clan can earn 700 Oil for victory
  • For a draw 400 Oil
  • For a defeat 300 Oil
Oil earned during the Preparation stage and obtained for stars will be added immediately, while Oil earned for the Engagement results will be added when the stage ends.

  • Those players who join a Clan after the Preparation stage is over will not be able to participate in the current week's Engagement. However, participation will be possible again in the following week.
  • If a player leaves a Clan after pressing the "Count Attempts" button, the stars earned by them will remain in the Clan.
  • If members of the same Clan enter a battle in a Division on ships of the same category, the results will be counted in ascending order. In other words, if both ships of the same type earn enough base XP for either mission in a chain in a battle, both missions will be considered completed in the same battle.
Good luck in earning Oil for your Clan and raking in stars!

April 28, 2019

Clan Treasury "How it Works Guide" World of Warships

clan treasury

In update 0.8.3, the Clan Base was awarded a new building which is erected free of charge, the Treasury. For constructing it the Clan will receive  2,000 Coal.
As soon as the building is erected, the Clan obtains access to the Treasury, where  Steel,  Coal, and  doubloons are stored. All Clan members will be able to view the accumulated resources, but only the Clan Commander and Deputy Commanders can distribute them among players.
The Treasury will be replenished for reaching high places in the Clans global rating. In the future, there will be other ways to gain various resources for the Treasury. Thus, the Clan will be able to encourage its distinguished players by rewarding them for their successes.

When Clan Battles of the "Land of Fire" season cease to rage, those Clans with Ranks 1 to 50 in the global rating will receive 5,000  to 25,000  Steel..
Place in the global rating  Steel
1 25,000
2 22,500
3 20,000
4 17,500
5–50* 16,250–5,000
* Each next step results in 250  Steel less.

Even if your Clan doesn't make it into the Top 50, but achieves particular success in Clan Battles, your  Steel and  Coal stocks in the Treasury will increase anyway.

The amount of resources earned depends on the Clan's best results in the previous season:
League, Group  Steel  Coal
Hurricane, 1 2,500 25,000
Typhoon, 1 1,500 25,000
Typhoon, 2 1,000 20,000
Typhoon, 3 0 15,000
Storm, 1 0 12,500
Storm, 2 0 10,000
Storm, 3 0 7,500
Gale, 1 0 5,000
The replenishment of the Treasury isn't associated with the rewards that players receive for in-game activities, such as Ranked and Clan Battles, the completion of combat missions, tasks within certain campaigns, etc. Rewards for missions and achievements in modes remain the same.

Please note: The World of Warships Team does not interfere with the in-Clan activities of players and is not entitled to consider complaints relating to conflicts within Clans, including issues relating to the Clan Treasury! Responsibility for resolving such conflicts lies with the Clan Leaders and their Deputies. By appointing Clan members to certain positions, Clan Leaders confirm their trust in the persons concerned. In their turn, all rank-and-file members accept the Clan's rules when joining it.

Wargaming T&C's Reminds you that the direct sale of memberships/slots in Clans to obtain any in-game items, achievements, or other benefits is prohibited in accordance with the Game and Clan Rules, clause 12.1. Clan members who violate this clause might be deprived of the in-game items or achievements that were obtained in breach of this rule, or can even be stripped of their access to the game, including permanent access.

March 13, 2019

World of Warships: Naval Battle Extra Weekend Rewards

Haven't the foggiest what Naval Battles are? It's not too late to get involved and reap the rewards! Scroll all the way down for more information.  

For the last few weeks we have been running our new 'casual' clan event Naval Battle where two clans are paired up to compete against each other to get the most base XP milestones - but with limited attempts.
If the tidal wave of oil wasn't enough of an incentive to take part, we have even more rewards for clans taking part in the ongoing Naval Battle event this weekend!


Preparation Stage Starts: Mon. 11 Mar. 07:00 CET (UTC+1)
Preparation Stage Ends: Fri. 15 Mar. 07:00 CET (UTC+1) 
Event Starts with Engagement Stage: Fri. 15 Mar. 07:00 CET (UTC+1) 
Event Ends with End of Engagement Stage: Mon. 18 Mar. 07:00 CET (UTC+1)
Rewards Credited By: Tue. 19 Mar. 18:00 CET (UTC+1)

  • Clans must be participating in the ongoing Naval Battle event (must sign up to the Preparation stage and complete the special clan mission ending Friday 06:00 UTC). 
  • Event is only valid for this weekend (see the times above). 

For each star an individual clan member earns, they will receive 1xPCEC023_Camo_St_Patrick.png  Lá Fhéile Pádraig camouflage. Capped at 3 stars  (meaning you can receive a maximum of 3x camos).
-3% to  detectability range.
+4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship.
+100% experience earned in the battle.
+100% Commander experience earned in the battle.
If your clan earns 10 stars  or more, before the end of the engagement stage on Monday, every clan member will receive 1x   Air Supply container.

March 02, 2019

#WorldofWarships EU #JoinTheNavy Clan Poster Competition.

#WorldofWarships EU #JoinTheNavy Clan Poster Competition


There's never been a better time to be in a Clan! With the 'Naval Battle' event in full swing, and the next season of Clan Battles gearing up to start, boatloads of valuable in-game resources are ripe for the picking. Therefore, we've decided to give you the chance to invoke your inner artist to help drive recruitment for your clan, winning additional prizes in the process!

The concept is straightforward: draw up a recruitment poster in the spirit of the classics of mid-20th-century wartime art. The poster's message should be aimed at enticing new recruits to join your clan and take the fight to the enemy on the high seas!
Not in a Clan? Not a problem!
If you prefer to sail solo, you can also win prizes individually for creating an old-style recruitment poster. In this case, the topic can be anything related to World of Warships. Convince other captains to play with your favorite ship, try out a new class, or join you in a division!

Get the details below!

[WGB] Clan Entry by iJoby EU


Submissions start: Sat. 02 Mar. 14:00 CET (UTC+1)
Submissions end: Mon. 25 Mar. 00:59 CET (UTC+1)
Prizes credited by: Tue. 09 Apr. 00:59 CET (UTC+1)


This contest is for the World of Warships EU server only.

For Clan members:

  • Make an old-fashioned recruitment poster with a message inviting players to join your clan.

For those not in a Clan, or who wish to post individually:

  • Make an old-fashioned recruitment poster related to World of Warships.


  • All the content has to be created by you.
  • All submissions should be created specifically for this contest and made during the contest period.
  • By taking part in the contest, you accept that your creation/content may be published and used by
  • You may not submit any content protected by copyrights and/or already published on the internet.
  • You may not submit any content including national symbols or emblems.
  • No vulgar/offensive content will be accepted.
  • All submissions must conform to our game rules, terms of service, EULA and any other service usage agreement specified by


How to Participate

  • Upload your submission to the forum topic linked at the bottom of this article. Your post must include your in-game nickname and, if relevant, your clan tag.
  • If you want to give your work a wider exposure, you can also post your submission on social media networks: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In this case:
    • You MUST post them with the following two hashtags: #WorldofWarships and #JoinTheNavy.
    • Your post must also include your in-game nickname.
    • Your submission must be public: Twitter and Instagram accounts cannot be locked; Facebook accounts must have public settings switched on.

Prize Categories

Depending on if you submit your artwork on behalf of your clan or individually, different prizes will be awarded.
Please note: one author can submit designs for both categories, but cannot win more than one prize per category.

Clan Prizes

Please note: each clan can only receive one prize, regardless of how many of its members make a submission.
Place Prize
1 Your Clan gets:
1000 Oil + 3x Small Lunar New Year containers for each member
You get:
3x Big Lunar New Year containers + 30 days of Warships Premium time
2 Your Clan gets:
1000 Oil + 3x Small Lunar New Year containers for each member
You get:
3x Big Lunar New Year containers + 14 days of Warships Premium time
3 Your Clan gets:
1000 Oil + 3x Small Lunar New Year containers for each member
You get:
3x Big Lunar New Year containers + 7 days of Warships Premium time 
4-10 Your Clan gets:
500 Oil.
You get:
3x Small Lunar New Year containers 

Individual Prizes

Place Prize
1 A surprise Tier VIII Premium ship
2 A surprise Tier VII Premium ship
3 A surprise Tier VI Premium ship 
4-10  3x Small Lunar New Year containers

In addition, we will give out packs of 3x Small Lunar New Year containers at random to participants who didn't make the top-10

Good luck, Captains!

January 21, 2019

World of Warships EU: Server Downtime Compensation Payouts

Server Downtime Compensation Payouts

Last weekend, WG had major server outages which prevented a lot of you from playing World of Warships. At the moment we have a temporary fix in place, but to make sure everything works as it should we will have to conduct additional maintenance later this week.
To make up for the disruption and inconvenience caused, WG are offering the following:
Those of you who played at least one battle since January 5 up to January 20 (when the issue was solved) will be able to claim:
  • 2 Days of WoWS Premium Account.
  • 2x Belle Époque containers.
  • Each EU clan will receive 2000 Oil.
WG will update this publication, with instructions on how to claim your compensation once the issue is fully resolved. 
WG sincerely apologize and appreciate your patience.