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June 01, 2018

World of Warships - Free Tier VII American Cruiser Indianapolis - Easy Missions

USS Indianapolis

June 1 - July 16. Indianapolis Marathon

The special combat missions marathon allows you to add the   VII Indianapolis to your collection for free, and earn some great rewards, such as containers of the “American Cruisers” collection.
  • The Marathon consists of 26 missions. Complete 21 of them to earn the final reward — cruiser   VII Indianapolis , a slot and a commander with 6 skill points.
  • All Marathon missions can be completed with Tier VI–X ships in Random and Ranked Battles.
  • You have 2 to 3 days to complete each mission.
  • Reward for each mission: a container of the “American Cruisers” collection. 
June 1–4Over any number of battles, hit enemy ships 1,000 times with the main guns.
June 1–4Hit enemy citadels 8 times over any number of battles.
June 4–6Be among the top 3 XP earners on your team in a winning battle.
June 6–8Over any number of battles, destroy 6 enemy ships.
June 8–11Set 5 fires and cause 15,000 damage to enemy ships by fire in a winning battle.
June 8–11Over any number of battles, take 10,000,000 HP of potential damage.
June 11–13Destroy two enemy ships in a winning battle.
June 13–15Over any number of battles, earn 7,500 base XP.
June 15–18Cause 70,000 HP of damage to enemy ships in a winning battle.
June 15–18Over any number of battles, earn 2 “Defended” ribbons and set 10 fires.
June 18–20Destroy an enemy ship and survive in a winning battle.
June 20–22Over any number of battles: cause 300,000 HP of damage to enemy ships.
June 22–25Hit enemy ships 150 times with the main guns in a winning battle.
June 22–25Over any number of battles, shoot down 30 enemy aircraft.
June 25–27Be among the top 3 XP earners on your team and survive in a winning battle.
June 27–29Over any number of battles, earn 500 ribbons.
June 29 ― July 2Earn 1,750 base XP in a winning battle.
June 29 ― July 2Over any number of battles, damage 100 modules.
July 2–4Get 3 “Captured”, “Assisted”, or “Defended” ribbons in a winning battle.
July 4–6Over any number of battles, earn 7,500 base XP.
July 6–9Destroy a ship and hit a citadel in a winning battle.
July 6–9Over any number of battles, deal 500,000 HP of damage to enemy ships.
July 9–11Destroy a ship and damage 2 modules in a winning battle.
July 11–13Win 6 battles.
July 13–16Set 2 fires and hit enemy citadels 2 times in a winning battle.
July 13–16Over any number of battles, earn 500 ribbons.

Final Reward

After completing 21 or more missions, you’ll receive the main reward of the Marathon —  VII Indianapolis  and a commander with 6 skill points!

June 1 - July 25. 2,600 Nautical Miles of Indianapolis

From June 1 through July 25, 9:00 (GMT+3), all   VII Indianapolis  owners will be able to earn up to an additional 18 containers of the “American Cruisers” collection. All you need to do is to play with   VII Indianapolis  in Random and Ranked battles at least once every 3 days.
Please note, that these combat missions will become available after a single battle on   VII Indianapolis  and remain accessible until July 25th.
Play a battle.
Reward: 1x “American Cruisers” collection container.
Types of battle: Random and Ranked Battles.
Ships:   VII Indianapolis 
This combat mission can be completed only once. A similar mission will become available every 3 days.

May 29, 2018

World of Warships - The American Arc Campaign for Update 0.7.5 and Future Updates.

The Arc comprises of several updates that follow the same idea
The American arc features the split branch of American cruisers, a unique Commander, new Campaign, collection, operation, and a great competition! Check this page for the latest news! Go Navy!




World of Warships - Update 0.7.5 Azur Lane - Free Indianapolis - Yamamoto Skills Buff

Battle UI: Information

A new “Spotted” ribbon will now be available in the game. The new ribbon will be issued when you spot a ship that is spotted for the first time or gets spotted again after remaining undetected for at least 90 seconds of battle time. Campaign tasks will be adjusted accordingly: the "Be the first to spot X enemy ships" condition will be replaced with the requirement to score X "Spotted" ribbons. Any tasks already in progress before the update goes live will be completed automatically once the update is installed.
Adding to that, all players will now be able to see which type of bombs, AP  or HE , is carried by allied and enemy dive bombers in a battle. The new icons will be visible in the game world and on the Minimap.
To make gameplay more comfortable, a locked target ship's orientation will now be displayed on the Minimap. By aligning your own course line and that of an enemy ship, you'll be able to fire more effectively.
We have slightly enhanced lines on the Minimap to make them thinner and better suited for the overall battle UI.

Game Balance Changes

To improve the competitive advantages and overall combat efficiency against the other unique Commanders, Yamamoto Isoroku will obtain the following enhanced skills:

"Expert Marksman":
  • +3 (instead of +2.5) deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber up to and including 139 mm;
  • +1 (instead of +0.7) deg/s to the traverse speed of guns with a caliber exceeding 139 mm.
"Preventive Maintenance":
  • -45% (instead of -30%) to risk of modules becoming incapacitated.
Indianapolis’ ability to mount the Surveillance Radar consumable with a 9.9 km reach turns this ship into somewhat of a unique representative of Premium ships at Tier VII. However, this heavy cruiser often lacks the agility needed to promptly respond to changing battle conditions. For that reason, in Update 0.7.5 the ship's rudder shift time and main turrets traverse speed will change, making this ship more maneuverable and more interesting to helm while remaining on par with the refitted U.S. heavy cruiser New Orleans:
  • The rudder shirt time was reduced from 9.1 to 8.4 sec;
  • The main turrets traverse speed was increased from 6.0 to 7.0 deg/s.

Azur Lane Collaboration

Good news for players who are find of anime! We're launching a co-project with Azur Lane, a mobile game popular in Asia. As part of this collaboration, seven Commanders with unique voiceovers will come to World of Warships along with three commemorative flags and an expendable camo. One of the Commanders that will stand at the helm of battleship Nelson and the Azur Lane expendable camouflage patterns will come as rewards for completing a chain of combat missions. The other Commanders as well as the commemorative flag will be available in the Premium shop.

May 23, 2018

WOWS Devs - Kronshtadt 750K FXP - Stalingrad x 2 Versions - Indianapolis Buff

balance changes

Tier VII American Cruiser Indianapolis
9.9 km range of Surveillance Radar makes Indianapolis quite a unique tier VII premium ship. However, ship's qualities as a heavy cruiser are sometimes not enough to react timely to the ever-evolving combat situation. That's why in the 07.5 update the ship gets buffs for her rudder shift and turret traverse which will make Indianapolis' gameplay more lively. 

The cruiser will remain very competitive with the New Orleans, that moves down to tier VII. New stats: 
  • Rudder shift time decreased from 9.1 to 8.4 seconds.
  • Turret traverse speed increased from 6.0 deg/s to 7.0 deg/s.
Tier IX Soviet Cruiser Kronshtadt
  • Damage Control Party I and II consumables are now similar to those of other cruisers.
  • Active time - 5 seconds; cooldown - 90 seconds for standard and 60 seconds for premium consumable. 
  • Unlimited charges.
  • Spotting Aircraft consumable is moved to the 2nd slot instead of the Hydroacoustic Search.
The consumable set now looks like this:
  1. Damage Control Party, 
  2. Defensive AA Fire/Spotting Aircraft, 
  3. Surveillance Radar, 
  4. Repair Party.
With this toolbox, high-tier Soviet cruisers will always have Surveillance Radar which makes them more uniform and clear for most of the players.
Replacing the Hydroacoustic Search will simply underline the ship's role - fighting other cruisers and battleships.
When it comes to confronting destroyers - Kronshtadt should rely on her maneuverability and Surveillance Radar.
Swapping the Damage Control Party will slightly decrease ship's survivability in close combat, yet her overall survivability is currently the best among all cruisers.

Currently the ship is in the final stages of testing and she will soon become available for purchase in the game client for 750K FreeXP.  (250K FXP Overpriced)
Tier X Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad
2 versions of the Stalingrad are added to the game to test simultaneously.

First version changes:
  • Fixed an error that made 25mm AA weapons count as midrange aura, these weapons are now considered inner aura.
  • Removed the Defensive AA Fire consumable.
  • Aft and bow plating is decreased from 32 mm to 25 mm.
  • Dispersion radius is reduced to the level of other Tier X cruisers. 
  • Sigma value is decreased from 2.25 to 2.05.
  • Rudder shift time is reduced from 15 s to 12.5 s.
  • AP shell arming delay is reduced from 0.033 s to 0.022 s.
  • Firing range of the main batteries is increased from 20.35 km to 22,89 km.
This first version of the Stalingrad is fairly dependent on "perfect" aiming, and she does reward those plentifully, therefore it's best to duel other cruisers relying on her survivability, that is fairly comparable with her tier X rivals.
This version of Stalingrad wil be AP Only, HE shells availability would make the cruiser too versatile and strong. While Stalingrad is equipped with AP shells only, she does show improved effective in particular situations.
The main task in battle for her will be to find a perfect moment.
Stats of her AP shells should be very helpful in dominating a game with, arming delay, ricochet angles, ballistics and accuracy. The arming delay is decreased to reduce the number of over penetrations against other cruisers.
Second version changes:
Fixed an error that made 25mm AA weapons count as midrange aura. These weapons are now considered inner aura.
Removed the Defensive AA Fire consumable.
Added HE shells with following stats: muzzle velocity - 950 m/s, maximum damage - 4500, Chance of causing fire - 33%.
Main battery reload time is increased from 18.5 to 20 seconds.
AP shell ricochet angles are changed to standard values.

Second version of the ship is mostly a cruiser that has a lot of battleship qualities.

Stalingrad in this config will have her dispersion remain the same as Tier X battleships, they will actually be the main target for her, since against other classes her salvos might not be as effective. That's why we decided to ad HE shells to the ship's arsenal to offset the possibly decreased comfort of having to fire only AP shells, this will add a new facet to Stalingrad's gameplay, by offering players a choice of ammunition when the situation calls for it.

Defensive AA Fire was removed because ship's basic AA values are pretty strong on their own, and when boosted correctly, Stalingrad's Anti-Air is a serious threat to the enemy aviation.

All Stats are not final until stated on the day of release via the World of Warships Regional Websites.