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Hi Guys,
Captains, my name is Nemanja Dinic, I come from Serbia-Balkan.
In real life, I'm a sports pilot and passionate gamer.
I've been broadcasting live on the Twitch platform for two years now.

Watch live video from srb_nele on

We have evolved slowly, reaching a certain level, where now my team and I are ready to expand this channel even more.

This topic may have been opened earlier, but I believe it's never too late.

We've reached 21k views, over 500k minutes of viewing, 1.3k + followers and over 110+ average viewers, and we think it's time to expand the channel beyond the Balkan border. :cap_look:

We have created a channel where everyone is welcome, a multi-language channel covering players from the Balkans and around the world.

We stream in all Balkan languages, as well as English, Russian and German.

If you are looking for good fun, quality games and places where we can spend our free time in a relaxed atmosphere, it would be our honor and pleasure to join us and visit us once in a while.
Any form of insult, racial, national or political disrespect is severely punishable and perma-ban. We are of the opinion that the Internet is not a place for healing complexes, but for spending our free time in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

I have great cooperation with a couple of streamers, mostly people who are CCs, and social networking sites that are related to the theme of this game. So on my channel you can meet ChaosMachineGR, Sone_mg, WoWs EU CC iJoby and others ...
We do dual streams, we play together, we hang out and we are here to spend as much quality time playing with you as possible. :Smile_Default:

So we are expecting you with lots of information, we are here to give you all the help you need and have a good time :fish_aqua:

On SRB_NeLe channel, you will have the opportunity, if you have a boat you are just learning, to submit a replay to an email and have it streamed, where we would all watch it together, comment on it and give any advice, if you would like, all for the purpose enhancements to your game.

Also, if you have a good party that you would like to share with us, send us an e-mail or Discord and let us all take a look and enjoy each other's achievements

If you like the idea, we will determine one day a week, when the stream will be dedicated to your recordings, commenting, suggestions, tips .. of course, without calling anyone, because potential value, belittling or calling, bring with you perma ban.

Via e-mail to which you can submit videos:
Via discord witch you can submit videos :

For the first post, this would be it, it is up to you to visit us and see if you like the community.

You are welcome:

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