Permanent Camouflages and Bonuses

Separation of economic bonuses from visual customizations

WG already told you about the upcoming big change - separating the economic bonuses from visual customization. Today, they are ready to tell you that it is planned for update 0.11.6.

While working on the update, they tried to achieve the following goals:

  • Provide you with the ability to separately select economic bonuses and exterior (camouflages);
  • Simplify the management of economic bonuses;
  • Grant you a comfortable transition from the old system to the new one;
  • Maintain the current state of the game's economy - costs and earnings.

The main principle that guided WG, was that you as players do not lose in total profitability, and in some situations you actually gain even more than before. 

We have also improved the interface, bonus management, inventory display and much more.

Below is a brief list of the key changes.

  • Economic bonuses from camouflages and signals become separate entities. Choosing a camouflage only affects visuals;
  • Bonus to XP does not affect Free XP and Commander XP. At the same time, however, all bonuses are increased accordingly;
  • Basic Free XP earnings are doubled;
  • Economic bonuses from permanent camouflages are purchased separately and are permanently active for a ship if present. Expendable bonuses can also now be added on top of permanent ones.
  • In order to simplify the system, only one economic bonus per resource (credits, Free XP, Commander XP, XP) can be used at a time (4 different bonuses in total). The values of the bonuses are designed in such a way that they can duplicate even the most profitable combinations from the current system;
  • Instead of lowering the service cost, permanent camouflages give a credit bonus that makes it so that the average income is either unchanged or increased;
  • The service cost for researchable Tier IX ships is reduced from 120,000 to 115,000 credits, for researchable Tier X ships — from 180,000 to 150,000 credits.
  • To account for the changes to bonuses that lower service cost, in Co-op battles, the current service cost will be additionally reduced by 13.3%, and credits earned increased by 12.5%;
  • All camouflages affect only a ship's appearance;
  • In order to make camouflages an exclusively visual customization, their combat bonuses are also separated from them. The 3% detectability range by sea bonus previously present on all camouflages is now built into the default parameters of all ships. The 4% increase of dispersions of shells fired by enemies attacking your ship will be entirely removed;
  • Most of the expendable camouflages you have or will receive will also be purchasable for credits;
  • The number of expendable items in your inventory is displayed including those that are already mounted on ships.

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