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New Ship Flags - Emblems - Patches - Lootboxes

UPDATED Mar 18, 2020

0.9.3 Ship and Event Flags
Kirov Flag
The first cruiser designed and built in the USSR received her name in honour of the famous Soviet political leader Sergei Kirov (1886–1934).
Bagration Flag.
In the Battle of Schöngrabern that took place in November 1805, General Pyotr Bagration earned the fame of an outstanding military commander and a star of the Order of St. George 2nd class.
Mikoyan Flag
In 1943, as the Great Patriotic War was raging on, Anastas Mikoyan was rewarded with the Hammer and Sickle medal and received the Hero of Socialist Labor title for his merits in arranging the supplies for the Red Army.
Orp Orkan Flag
Destroyer Orkan was commissioned in the Polish Navy in November 1942, took part in the protection of convoys in the Arctic and Atlantic, and was sunk in the spring of 1943.
Champagne flag.
Champagne is a province in the northeast of France, famous throughout the world for its sparkling wines. The history of the region dates back to the county of Champagne, the first mention of which dates back to the turn of the 11th and 12th centuries.
Franklin D. Roosevelt Flag.
Success may not come with rushing speed, but we shall return again and again!
Anzac Day Flag
Honoring those that served from Australia and New Zealand. Soldiers from Australia and New Zealand fought valiantly during the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915.
0.9.3 Dog Tags Patches
Victory Day Patch
The patch is a work in progress.
0.9.2 Event Patches - Emblems
  European Fleet III
  European Fleet II
  European Fleet I
  European Fleet Elite Forces
0.9.2 Ship and Event Flags
King of the Sea.
King of the Sea Tournament Winner
Shikishima flag.
Shikishima was a further development of the Yamato-class battleships, also known as the Super Yamato class. The project was to be armed with 510 mm main battery guns and was planned to be ordered under the 1942 shipbuilding program. "Shikishima" is one of the ancient poetic names for Japan..
PT Winter Season Flag
Flag for participants of the Public Test Winter Marathon.
Ochakov Flag
For your service and bravery.
0.9.1 Ship and Event Flags
Aegir flag.
In Norse mythology, Aegir is a god associated with the ocean. Like Poseidon and his Roman equivalent, Neptune, possessed a divine attribute of power, a trident of his own.
Recruiting Station Flag.
Friendship is free and the rewards are priceless.
Veteran’s Mental Health Donor.
Thank you for your donation to support Veteran’s Mental Health Campaign organized by World of Warships and Stack Up.
Devonport Flag.
Devonport, Devonshire - one of the oldest naval bases of the Royal Navy, which for several centuries was one of the centers of British shipbuilding..
0.9.0 Event Patches
The Batfish.
Located at the Muskogee War Memorial, SS-310 served valiantly in World War II and earned six battle stars plus a Presidential Unit Citation in service of her country.
Sun Wukong.
Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, is a character from "Journey to the West", a novel by Wu Cheng'en.
Zhu Bajie.
Half man and half pig, Zhu Bajie is a character from "Journey to the West", a novel by Wu Cheng'en.
Year of the Rat.
To honor the celebration of the year of the White Metal Rat according to the Lunar calendar.
0.8.11 Event Containers
Shipbuilding Containers.
0.8.11 Dockyard Shipbuilding Event Reward
Standard Santa Containers.
0.8.11 Santa Standard Container.
Big Santa Containers.
0.8.11 Secret Santa Container.
Mega Santa Containers.
0.8.11 Santa Premium Container.

0.8.11 Event Patches
Stealthy Threat.
Submarines proved their combat effectiveness and earned their status as a formidable weapon in paving the way to victory as far back as the early 20th century.
CST Participant.
PT Autumn Season.
A commemorative symbol issued for taking part in the Public Test Autumn Marathon.
PT Summer Season.
A commemorative emblem issued for taking part in the Public Test Summer Marathon.
PT Autumn Season
A commemorative symbol issued for taking part in the Public Test Autumn Marathon.
Shipbuilding Containers.
0.8.11 Dockyard Shipbuilding Event Reward
December 2019 Ship & Event Flags
CST Flag.
Borodino Flag.
A number of the Russian and Soviet Navy ships carried the name "Borodino," honoring the famous Battle of Borodino of 1812.
Cheshire Flag.
Located in the north-west of England, Cheshire is one of Great Britain’s historic counties. The tradition to name warships in honor of counties was established in the Royal Navy in the 1900s.
Public Test Autumn Season Flag.
Flag of a participant of the autumn marathon of the Public Test.
Secret Santa 2020 Flag.
A commemorative flag for participation in the "Secret Santa" special in 2020.
0.8.10 Lootbox
"Resolute and Rapid" Container
""Resolute and Rapid" Premium Container
"Black Friday 2019 Container
"Black Friday 2019 Premium Container
0.8.10 Regia Marina  Dog Tags
Regia Marina III.
Regia Marina II.
Regia Marina I.
Truppe d'elite Regia Marina.
0.8.10 Black Friday Dog Tags
Alaska B.
Asashio B.
Atago B.
Graf Zeppelin B.
Massachusetts B.
Scharnhorst B
Sims B.
Tirpitz B.
0.8.10 Ship & Event Flags
HMS London Flag.
The badge of HMS London, a cruiser that joined the Royal Navy in 1929, depicts a sword—one of the symbols of Saint Paul, patron saint of London city.
Odin Flag.
Odin is the supreme god in German-Scandinavian mythology—master of Valhalla and the leader of the Valkyries. Often depicted wielding a spear named Gungnir, and riding his eight-legged horse called Sleipnir.
Atago Flag.
Japanese heavy cruiser Atago was named after a mountain located near Kyoto, which holds one of the most revered Shinto shrines atop of it.
Sims Flag.
Admiral William Sims is one of the main Navy reformers whose efforts in the first decades of the 20th century allowed the U.S. Navy to stand on a par with the most powerful navies of the world at that time. In 1939, a destroyer named for the admiral was commissioned as the lead ship in a series of twelve ships.
Alaska B Flag.
A flag dedicated to “Black Friday” the day when Christmas sales officially start in many countries of the world (including non-English-speaking ones).
Asashio B Flag
A flag dedicated to “Black Friday” the day when Christmas sales officially start in many countries of the world (including non-English-speaking ones).
Atago B Flag
A flag dedicated to “Black Friday” the day when Christmas sales officially start in many countries of the world (including non-English-speaking ones).
Graf Zeppelin B Flag
A flag dedicated to “Black Friday” the day when Christmas sales officially start in many countries of the world (including non-English-speaking ones).
Massachusetts B Flag
A flag dedicated to “Black Friday” the day when Christmas sales officially start in many countries of the world (including non-English-speaking ones).
Scharnhorst B Flag
A flag dedicated to “Black Friday” the day when Christmas sales officially start in many countries of the world (including non-English-speaking ones).
Sims B Flag
A flag dedicated to “Black Friday” the day when Christmas sales officially start in many countries of the world (including non-English-speaking ones).
Tirpitz B Flag
A flag dedicated to “Black Friday” the day when Christmas sales officially start in many countries of the world (including non-English-speaking ones).
Taranto Flag.
A commemorative flag granted for achieving Rank 15 in the Fourteenth Season of Ranked Battles.
The Italian city of Taranto was founded by the Spartans in the 8th century (B.C.), and named by them in honor of one of the heroes of ancient Greek myths. After the unification of Italy, this port began to be used as a base of the Regia Marina.
Siliwangi Flag.
In 1959, Soviet destroyer Volevoy (Project 30-bis) was transferred to the Indonesian Navy and renamed "Siliwangi" in honor of the semi-mythical ruler of the Sunda Kingdom located on the island of Java, who, according to a legend, transformed into a tiger.
Festive Cake Flag.
World of Warships: sailing full steam ahead for 2 years now! Don't forget to treat yourself for your achievements in the game with a delicious piece of cake.
0.8.9 Dog Tags
Birthday of the US Marines .
0.8.9 Ship & Event Flags
Gorizia Flag.
One of the Zara-class heavy cruisers that was launched in December 1930 and named after the city of Gorizia that was incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy in the result of World War I.
Mainz Flag
In the 1920–1930s the light cruisers of the German Navy were named after the Imperial German Navy's "small cruisers" that perished during World War I. SMS Mainz was sunk on August 28, 1914, during the battle of Heligoland Bight.
The Pumpkin Smash Flag
For crushing ships, smashing gourds, and being too spoopy!
10th U-boat Flotilla Flag
Emblem of the 10th U-boat Flotilla.
Gold Dolphin Flag
These flags are flown aboard submarines when not under way, to indicate that all the officers have qualified as submarine warfare specialists.
Battle of Leyte Gulf Flag
From October 23 to 26, off the Philippine islands the largest naval battle in history occurred that became known as the Battle of Leyte Gulf.
0.8.8 Dog Tags
For Meritorious Service .
A commemorative symbol, granted for outstanding skills and heroism demonstrated for four years
Captain's Day.
Happy Surface, Subsurface, and Air Ship Captain's Day!
German Unity Day.
This day commemorates the anniversary of the German reunification in 1990, when the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) were unified.
Birthday of the U.S. Army.
0.8.8 Ship Flags
Ohio Flag.
The name of the state of Ohio originates from the word in the language of the Native American Seneca people, and translates as "good river." The fourth ship of the U.S. Navy carrying the name Ohio was designed as one of the Montana-class battleships, and was officially ordered in July, 1940.
California Flag.
I Love You, California!
Marceau Flag.
“All I ask is to let me command the vanguard when things get really hot” these were the words François Séverin Marceau said to his friend General Kléber shortly before the Battle of Le Mans.
Puerto Rico flag.
One of the earliest versions of the “large cruisers” project named after the U.S. “territories”—Puerto Rico being one of them—carried twelve 305 mm main battery guns on board.
Poltava Flag.
The very first ship to receive a name in honor of the victory in the Battle of Poltava was laid down personally by Peter the Great just a few months after the battle. This fact was recorded in the Tsar’s Travel Book: “On December 6, the Tsar himself laid down the ship named Poltava in St. Petersburg, in memory of the deeds at Poltava." The name Poltava has since become traditional in the Russian Navy.
Imperial Standard at Sea.
The first image of the Imperial Standard at Sea dates back to 1703. A cloth in the colors of the coat of arms of the Russian Empire, with the state eagle holding the maps of the four seas—Baltic, White, Caspian, and Black.
ACT Fibernet Flag.
ACT Fibernet - Born of Speed - Forged in Fiber - Feel the Advantage
World of Warships Fourth Anniversary.
Four years together!
0.8.7 Ship Flags
Paolo Emilio Flag.
Trophies worth tens of millions of denarii captured by commander Lucius Emilia Pavel during the conquest of Macedonia, allowed the citizens of Rome to be exempted from certain taxes for as long as 120 years. The obverse side of the coin bore the symbol of the denarius being the Roman numeral "X".
Wows Gamer Blog wichita Genova Flag.
The image of a red cross on a white background depicted over the the coat of arms of Genoa dates back to the XII-XIII centuries, when this bustling Mediterranean port played a significant role in the crusading wars .
0.8.6 Ship Ensign Flags
PT Summer Season  Flag.
Flag for participants of the Public Test Summer Marathon. .
0.8.6 Dog Tags.
Canada Day 2019.
Happy Independence Day, Canada!.
0.8.5 Dog Tags.
Canada Day 2019.
Happy Independence Day, Canada!.
Mount Fuji.
Enjoy the highest and most iconic Japanese mountain .
French National Day.
At night, fireworks are launched in most communes, generally accompanied by a dance and concerts .
0.8.5 Ship Ensign Flags
Smolensk Flag.
The ancient Russian city of Smolensk, which has a coat of arms depicting a bird of paradise sitting on a cannon, gave name to ships of both Imperial Russian and Soviet Navies.
Hill Flag.
U.S. Navy Petty Officer William Lowell Hill received a Medal of Honor in 1884 for rescuing a drowning shipmate who had fallen overboard USS Minnesota.
Somers Flag.
USS Somers, a destroyer commissioned in 1937, was named after U.S. Navy officer Richard Somers who gained fame for countering piracy in the Mediterranean. Somers died during an attack on Tripoli in 1804.
Colbert Flag
A whole range of ships in the French Navy were named after Jean Baptiste Colbert (1619–1683), one of the most prominent statesmen in France. The sixth ship to carry the noble gentleman's name was an anti-aircraft cruiser which entered service in 1959.
Friesland Flag
A series of Dutch submarine hunters ("onderzeebootjagers") commissioned during the 1950s were named after various cities and provinces of the Netherlands. The head ship was called Friesland (Dutch for "the lands of the Frisii").
Siegfried Flag
Siegfried, or Sigurd, is one of the most famous characters in German Mythology, and a hero of the heroic poem "Song of the Nibelungs". He was a character of operas and films; ships were named after him as well.
Thunderer Flag
Thunderer is a traditional name for large British battleships, in both the sailing fleet era and age of armor and steam.
Hayate Flag
Hayate is the Japanese for "gale" or "storm wind".
Ark Royal Flag
Ark Royal is a traditional name for Royal Navy ships used since late 16th century. In 1938, HMS Ark Royal, first British aircraft carrier of a new generation, entered service.
0.8.4 Dogtags
Reddit Patch
For Redditors with a passion for warships.
D-Day Patch
75th Anniversary of Operation D-Day.
U.S. Army Patch
Birthday of the U.S. Army.
Italian Navy Patch
Patria e Onore!.
0.8.4 Ensigns
Georgia Flag
Wisdom, Justice, Moderation.
Siroco Flag
Commissioned in 1927, French destroyer Siroco was named after the strong, hot winds from the Sahara desert, typical for the Mediterranean region.
Bayard Flag
Pierre Terrail, seigneur de Bayard (d. 1524), known as "Le chevalier sans peur et sans reproche" (French for "The knight without fear and beyond reproach"), was one of the brightest representatives of the chivalry. Several ships of the French Navy were named after him.
Yudachi Flag
Yūdachi (Japanese for Evening Squall) was the name of one of the Shiratsuyu-class destroyers commissioned in 1937 and destroyed during the Battle of Friday the 13th near Guadalcanal Island in November 1944.
Yoshino Flag
From time immemorial, the Yoshino mountain is famous for its hillsides dotted with sakura trees. The first ship of the Imperial Japanese Navy to be named after this mountain was a protected cruiser that was destroyed during the war against Russia in 1904.
USS Benham Flag
USS Benham (DD-397) is the lead ship in a series of ten destroyers with powerful torpedo armament. During the war in the Pacific Ocean, she earned five battle stars, and was destroyed during the Battle of Guadalcanal in November 1942.
Glory Flag
Slava was the name of a number of Russian and Soviet ships, including a sailing frigate, squadron battleship, Project 26-bis cruiser, and Project 1164 missile cruiser.
ST Veteran Flag
Supertest Veterans flag.
Port Captain Flag
A commemorative flag granted for achieving Rank 15 in the Twelfth Season of Ranked Battles.
Paragraph 11 Flag
June 21, 1919—Scuttling of the German fleet at Scapa Flow
0.8.3 Dog-Tags Memorial Day - Cinco De Mayo - WoWS Privateer
Celebrate Responsibly!
Cinco De Mayo.
Memorial Day.
Reward for reaching Level 16 in the Service Record.
WoWS Privateer.
A special badge honoring those who make valuable contributions to the game and community.
Montpelier, Yukikaze & Azure Lane Nation Flags
Azur Lane - Montpelier Flag.
Did you know? The Cleveland class are the best light cruisers in Eagle Union during the great war, so you should show more respect towards big sis. As for me, Rennell islands, Empress Augusta Bay, and a few other operations, I guess I did participate in some engagements.
Azur Lane - Yukikaze Flag.
Listen up! Erm… I'm the noble, the lucky, the invincible Yukikaze, the Eighth Kagerou-class ship, the Gene… what was it again?! It's so hard to say!… Ahem, in any case, you're quite the lucky person for getting your hands on me! Rely on my luck as much as you want! Hah hah hah!
Eagle Union.
Flag of the Eagle Union - From Azur Lane.
Royal Navy.
Flag of the Royal Navy- From Azur Lane.
Metal Blood.
Flag of the Metal Blood - From Azur Lane.
Sakura Empire.
Flag of the Sakura Empire - From Azur Lane.
Northern Union.
Flag of the Northern Union - From Azur Lane.
Eastern Radiance.
Flag of the Eastern Radiance - From Azur Lane.
Iris Libre.
Flag of the Iris Libre - From Azur Lane.
Flag of the Vichya Dominion - From Azur Lane.
0.8.3 Dog-Tags Honor, Glory & Victory - WoWs Privateer
A commemorative symbol for participating in the "Victory" event.
A commemorative symbol for participating in the "Victory" event.
It's easy to win when you play for the right team!
WoWS Privateer.
A special patch honoring those who make valuable contributions to the game and community.
0.8.3 Ensigns Honor & Glory - WoWs Legends & Privateer
Honor Flag.
Honor, Navy, Motherland!
Glory Flag.
In the name of the glorious deeds and valor of officers!
Victory Flag.
We Won't Depart Without Victory in Our Grasp!
WoWS Privateer Flag
A special flag honoring those who make valuable contributions to the game and community
Flag of World of Warships Legends
0.8.2 Intergalactic Games
Star-Enshrined Olympian.
Issued for a victorious battle in Intergalactic Games.
Guardian of the Galaxy.
Deal at least 100,000 damage without losing a single generator. Win a battle and survive. To be completed in the Space Assault mode while playing for the defense team.
Destroy 2 or more generators and the station. To be completed in the Space Assault mode playing on the attack team.
Sub-Orbital Bombardment.
Stay within the boundaries of a control point once it is activated. Survive and win a battle. To be completed in the Binary Star mode..
Nothing Can Stop Me!.
Gain a victory in the first 10 minutes of a battle, and destroy a hostile ship or deal 40,000 damage. To be completed in the Binary Star mode.
In Spotlight.
Destroy 3 or more hostile ships located within the Epicenter. To be completed in the Rings of Saturn and Torpedo Beat modes.
True Grit.
Earn 5 "Captured" ribbons in the Rings of Saturn and Torpedo Beat modes.
Receive damage exceeding (unknown percent) of your ship's normal HP. To be completed in the Torpedo Beat mode.
Marssive Strike.
Destroy 2 hostile ships. The second ship must be destroyed within 10 seconds after the first one. To be completed in the Torpedo Beat mode..
Shall We Brawl?.
Destroy a hostile ship by ramming. To be completed in the Torpedo Beat mode.
With All Guns Blazing.
Destroy 3 ships in 3 different ways. To be completed in the Torpedo Beat mode.
Master Blaster.
Deal 20,000 damage to hostile ships with secondary battery guns. To be completed in the Torpedo Beat mode.
0.8.2 April Fools Day
That's one small step for a man.
Win one Space Battle with each ship type.
Cause more than (unknown) HP of damage to the enemy in one Space Battle.
Shield Activator.
Shoot down (unknown) aircraft in one Space Battle.
Not Overly Assaultive.
Earn (unknown) base XP (before modifiers are applied).
Vacuum Cleaning.
Destroy 3 enemy ships with an aircraft carrier in one Space Battle.
0.8.2 Dog Tags
Space Station.
A commemorative symbol for a participant of Space Warships 2019.
A commemorative symbol for a participant of Space Warships 2019.
A commemorative symbol for a participant of Space Warships 2019.
Global Community Player Gathering.
For anyone that has attended one of the many Player Gathering or Events hosted by World of Warships.
0.8.2 Ensigns
HMS Indomitable Flag.
"The last ship from the Illustrious-class carriers, which represented a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of aircraft carriers thanks to the introduction of an armored flight deck. In contrast to the lead ship, she had an increased capacity and could carry more aircraft.
USS Saipan Flag.
July 9, 1944 ended a three-week battle for Saipan, the U.S. marine corps with the support of the fleet took control of the island, which became one of the key points in the entire Pacific campaign. The next day, July 10, 1944, was laid USS Saipan-light aircraft carrier of the US Navy.
CV Armada - Aircraft Carriers into Battle Flag.
The unique flag of the owners of the whole Armada of aircraft carriers..
Clash at the Carnival!.
You survived a macabre Mardi Gras melee!.
0.8.1 Ensigns
USS Atlanta Flag.
"Fight on Friday the 13th" that took place in November 1942, proved fatal for the light cruiser Atlanta. However, it took barely two years from the death of the ship, USS Atlanta "reborn from the ashes", repeating the fate of the city, in whose honor it was named, in December 1944, begun operation of a new cruiser, carrying a glorious name..
0.8.0 Emblems

Year of the Earth Pig.
In celebration of the Year of the Earth Pig.

Year of the Earth Pig.
In celebration of the Year of the Earth Pig.

Celebrating the beginning of Spring 2019!

0.8.0 Flags
HMS Exeter.
HMS Exeter, the last heavy cruiser built for the Royal Navy, was commissioned in 1931. In December 1939, she participated in the battle against German raider Graf Spee off the estuary of the River Plate. In March 1942, the ship was sunk by Japanese squadron during the Second Battle of the Java Sea.
The island of Malta, an unsinkable aircraft carrier of the Allies, was the critical point in the fight for the Mediterranean during World War II. It was in the epicentre of massive combat action in the sea, and in the air, during several years of war.
Irian Flag.
The Indonesian Navy received their most powerful surface artillery ship in 1963, when the U.S.S.R. transferred the Project 68-bis light cruiser Ordzhonikidze to Indonesia.
Iowa Flag.
This is a memorial flag for those who have visited the Battleship Iowa. Together with Pacific Battleship Center, the World of Warships marks the memorable collaboration between the game and the museum. Honor the past and Action Stations!
Siege Leningrad Flag.
January 27, 1944 The Day Soviet Russia liberated Leningrad from the Nazi blockade.
Added 0.8.0
Leone Azuma Pickelhelm
A commemorative symbol for completing the "Belle Époque" collection
Collector's Shield
Added 0.7.12
Flag of Prussia
New Year Celebration
Commemorative Flag
Neustrashimy Yahagi Viribus
Added 0.7.11
100 Years of the Polish fleet Naval ensign of the Republic of Poland
100 years ago today, a newly independent Poland, rising from the rubble left by the Great War, lay down the first brick of the renewed foundation of its navy. The flag of national colors with two braids and the coat of arms of Poland. It was adopted as a naval ensign in 1927 and has been in use since.
Added 0.7.11
West Virginia
Ain't Nothing Else Like an Ol' Country Sea
Mod Maker Czechoslovakian Legions
 To commemorate the bravery of the Czechoslovakian Legions and their important role in founding the independent Czechoslovakian Republic in 1918.
Recently Added 0.7.11
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