0.10.4 Added Ship and Event Flags - Dog Tags - Includes Descriptions

0.10.4 Added Ship and Event Flags - Dog Tags - Includes Descriptions

Added from datamined 0.10.4 latest ship and event flags and dog-tags/patches, including descriptions of each item.

flag General-Admiral Commander-in-Chief of Kriegsmarine Flag
A commemorative flag, awarded for achieving Rank 1 in the Bronze League in the Third Ranked Season.
flag "German Destroyers: Part 2 Flag
Continuation of the early access of the new German destroyers in Update 0.10.4.
flag "Battle of the Beasts" Lindworm Flag
A wingless dragon with a serpentine body and an animal head, who often has scales. It lies in wait for it's prey near water. Can be found in the German folklore, later. in fairy tales and legends.
flag "Battle of the Beasts" Feuerputz Flag
The demon that can take different form, mainly anthropomorphic. Most often it's described as a burning and glowing skeleton, a dark human figure in a pillar of fire, burning horseman, plougher or simply a ball of flames, similar to a meteor.
flag "Battle of the Beasts" Gluhschwanz Flag
A night spirit, mythical glowing dragon creature. At night, it flew to the houses of wicked and bad people. It brought grain or money in exchange for treats. If they refused, it burned their houses.
flag "Battle of the Beasts" Welthund Flag
A large black hound with a single eye in the middle of it's head. It becomes bigger and more evil during epidemics and wars. Some legends say that it's a captain of a ship who sold his soul to the devil.
flag The Hunt for Bismarck Flag
The events of WWII in the  in the North Atlantic: from the moment battleship Bismarck and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen were detected by the British cruisers Norfolk and Suffolk in the Denmark Strait on May 23, 1941 to the moment Bismarck met her doom under the fire of battleships King George V, Rodney and cruiser Dorsetshire on May 27.
flag Skagerrakschlacht Flag
The general engagement between the German and British fleets on May 31, 1916 in the German historical tradition is called Skagerrakschlacht, the Battle of Skagerrak. That's the name of the strait that separates Scandinavia and Jutland peninsula, where the battle took place. From 1926, on each anniversary of the battle, ships of German Navy raise naval ensigns of the German Empire to commemorate it.
flag World of Warships: The Beautiful Game Flag
Our game, same as sports, is praised for its unpredictability. And we unite players both on the land and is the sea!
De Zeven De Zeven Provinciën Commemorative Flag
HNLMS De Zeven Provinciën was named after The United Provinces of the Netherlands of the Dutch Republic, 1581–1795. Its coat of arms depicts a lion with seven arrows, same as the number of provinces, with a sword as a symbol of determination to protect their freedom, and a count's crown that symbolizes their sovereignty.
Congress Congress Commemorative Flag
USS Congress left her mark in history as one of the six sailing frigates built according to the the Naval Act of 1794. The frigates laid the foundation for the modern US Navy. Today, the name Congress is given to the second of the newest Constellation-class frigates. She's planned to be laid down in the coming years.

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